Jun 14

WATCH: Full ‘Elysium’ Trailer Drops… and it Looks Pretty Mega

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When District 9 arrived in 2009 on the back of cryptic viral campaign, fans of great science-fiction action films were treated to one of the most inventive and refreshing films we’d seen for years. South African director Neill Blomkamp told a story with close parallels to the civil rights movement in his home country, albeit in the form of a mockumentary with aliens and space guns and giant robot suits!

In the four years since, we worried that Blomkamp would struggle with his ‘difficult second-album’, either selling out and making a middle-of-the-road Hollywood blockbuster or cranking out a vanity project. But if this trailer is anything to go by, he may have delivered something amazing in Elysium.

Set in a future where the poor slave away on Earth, under the thumb of their robot middle-managers while the wealthy live on a rotating orbital platform where they never get sick, thanks to their rich people technology. Starring Matt Damon (fresh off the success of Behind the Candelabra), the film shares the same socio-political DNA as District 9, though you can’t help but feel it’s a year or two too late to capitalise on the 99% movement.

With lots of cool action and breezy humour, there’s an inkling that this might turn out to be the most satisfying mainstream film of the summer.

Elysium reaches UK cinemas 23rd August

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