Jun 06

Trailer Park Vol. 2: ‘… and The Eye in the Sky Is Watching Us All’

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The first port of call on our whistle-stop tour of this week’s best trailers takes us to Jolly Ol’ London where we find English lawyers Eric Bana and Rebecca Hall getting caught up with all sorts of political and corporate intrigue in Closed Circuit:

Next stop: Turbo! The new family film from Dreamworks Animation is all about a garden-variety snail (with Ryan Reynolds’ voice) whose dreams come true when an accident transforms him into an automatic, systematic, hydromatic speed machine:

If you like Gary Oldman, but really miss seeing him play over-the-top villains: look no further than Paranoia! Gazza and Harrison Ford play rival industrialists in New York who end up using Liam Hemsworth’s working class schmoe as a pawn in their high-stakes power struggle.

Beware of the trailer, though: it looks to be utter spoiler-tastic:

If you’re wondering what you’re going to do next week when the weather goes all rubbish again, why not consider an easy-going comedy? Maybe something like This is 40, new film from Knocked Up director Judd Apatow:

(available to buy from Monday 10th June)

Or if you think you have the stomach for something a little grittier, you can’t go far wrong with Blood, a police thriller starring top British thesps Paul Bettany, Stephen Graham (Boardwalk Empire) and Mark Strong:

Blood is now available to buy and rent.

For previews of more upcoming films, head over to the blinkbox trailer page now!

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  1. Don Abbott says:

    Trailer trash is grossly overrated…. Garbage is useful and green!!

  2. blinkbox says:

    I really… don’t know where to start with this…

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