Jun 12

TRAILER: Naomi Watts goes ‘Full-Diana’ for Princess of Wales Biopic

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We’ve heard about this project for quite a while now but now that we’re faced with actual footage, we’re not quite sure how to feel. Starring Naomi Watts as one of the most famous Britons of the 20th Century, this film was bound to be made at some point. But even 15 years after her death, it’s tough to gauge whether it’s still too soon.

Regardless, we don’t expect Watts to be anything short of great in a role that just screams ‘Oscar nomination’. She doesn’t really look much like Lady Di, but we can already see her hair and makeup doing a lot of the heavy lifting. Also, behind the camera is German Oliver Hirschbiegel, a director who was able to squeeze humanity and quiet drama out of a story about Hitler with 2004′s Downfall

There’s every possibility that this film will turn out to be this year’s ‘The Queen’ but it’s still too early to tell.

Diana is in UK cinemas 20th September



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