Jun 06

TRAILER: Ford, Oldman and a Hemsworth Are Knee-Deep in ‘Paranoia’

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Now deep in it’s second stage, the New HemsWorld Order is continuing its assault on Hollywood with Junior Hemsworth #2 (codename: Liam) soon to appear in this corporate thriller opposite venerated film stars Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman. He play a working class stiff from Brooklyn who’s given a chance at the big time when power player Oldman hires him to steal technology from his rival (Ford).

We’re not exactly counting on Harrison Ford to bring his A-game, seeing as ‘giving a crap’ is no longer a thing he can do. However, Gary Oldman seems to be dusting off the histrionic Gary Oldman of yore, channeling a bit of Alan Sugar and a little Don Logan from Sexy Beast (link contains swears). But you really get the impression that Oldman is just trying to compensate for Indy’s super low-key performance!

Like the Fast and Furious 6 trailer, this first promo here reveals way too much about the plot — up to and including what we suspect to be the final scene where Hemsworth turns the tables on the two horrible bosses. So really, there’s no point in you seeing this film if you’re interested in junk like story, character development and suspense.

But if there’s one thing that you can almost be assured of, it’s that there will be a scene with Hemsworth taking his shirt of for no good reason.

Paranoia currently has no UK release date, but expect it at some point this year.

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