Jun 24

TRAILER: Ashton Kutcher Dreams of the Future in Steve Jobs Biopic

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Although it seems like forever since we first heard about Ashton Kutcher taking on a Steve Jobs biopic, we’re finally seeing the first trailer for the film.

Apparently cast for no other reason than that he bears a passing resemblance to the Apple co-founder and is also an actor (of sorts), Kutcher’s depiction of Jobs seems to be that of a visionary messiah: sentenced to corporate death by an executive board of greedy Judasas, only to rise once more to share his consumer electronics with the good people of Jerusalem.

The trailer, if not the film, looks like it was written by someone really junior in the Apple PR department; someone who understands the company line but has yet to master concepts like subtlety and believability.

The film also stars Book of Mormon break-out Josh Gad as co-founder Steve Wozniak and Dermot Mulroney as a slimy investor.

We haven’t actually seen the film, so far be it for us to pass final judgement on it. Will it end up being a big success like the iPhone? Or will it more likely become a forgotten curio like the Apple Newton MessagePad 100 in the face of an upcoming Aaron Sorkin-scripted movie about Steve Jobs? Only time and common sense will tell.





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