Jun 27

Stop. Twitter Time: ‘Game of Thrones’ + Tennis = Epic Win!

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It’s almost #July, which means only two things: the final week of #wimbledon and the arrival of #gameofthrones Season 3 on @blinkbox!

To merge these two exciting events in to one social media-friendly package, we’ve created mash-ups of the two in a feature we like to call Game of Tennis. In case there are any doubts, these are not actually images sanctioned by HBO or the creators of Game of Thrones: it’s not like there were any deleted subplots involving racquet sports.

We’re bringing the world of Westeros right into the heart of SW19, with Tullys and Tyrells going head-to-head in a tourney on the lawn. There will be dragons feasting on strawberries; ball boys will be executed at the whim of the All England Lawn Tennis Club; and Tyrion Lannister will preside over the Royal Box, slowly getting hammered on overpriced sparkling wine.

Here are a few we made earlier…

1. Like John McEnroe, Ned had a habit of losing his head on the tennis court

2. **Spoiler Alert** (in case we were too subtle with the previous caption)

3. A lovingly staged, though terribly anachronistic recreation of the Bobby Riggs/Billie Jean King match of 1973
If you think you can pwn us and do one better, post your own contributions to Twitter with the hashtag #gameoftennis.  We’ll RT the ones that make us ROFL the most!

Game of Thrones Season 1 and 2 are now available at blinkbox

Watch Game of Thrones Season 3 in HD on blinkbox from 15th July. Not available on Netflix, Lovefilm Instant or iTunes.

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