Jun 04 2013

So, Did Anyone Else Watch This Week’s ‘Game of Thrones’?

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As you can assume: this post will contain **MAJOR SPOILERS** so please hit ‘back’ if you haven’t seen up to Episode 9 of Game of Thrones Season Three.

As it turned out, the lovely wedding at Walder Frey’s Keep got a little out of hand during the reception: needless to say, it’s going to negatively impact the venue’s Yelp rating. But more importantly, since the episode first aired in the States, social media has been exploding with reactions ranging for disbelief to something approaching genuine anger: some Twitter commentators even vowed to cancel their HBO subscriptions. But much like blood oaths, you can’t re-neg on your premium cable packages.

Warning ! *Video contains swearing*

(via The Daily Beast)

There’s even a dedicated Twitter handle that’s compiling the best reactions to the episode: @RedWeddingTears Here are some of our favourites:




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Jun 03 2013

TRAILER: Eric Bana Stars in Grisham-esque Thriller ‘Closed Circuit’

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Another film for us to file in the ‘too timely for comfort’ section of our archives.

Eric Bana and Rebecca Hall play British criminal lawyers tasked with defending a man accused of a terrorist bombing in London. Written by Steve Knight (Eastern Promises), the film finds the pair of them searching for the truth, with the titular CCTV perhaps figuring in to the plot somehow.

With the public still desperately searching for motives behind the horrific murder in Woolwich recently, there’s a chilling echo of our collective national paranoia in this trailer. We honestly wouldn’t be surprised if voices from the media political groups will be decrying the film’s November release date as ‘too soon’. As they say: only time will tell.

Closed Circuit opens in cinemas 1st November

Jun 03 2013

Trailer: Danny Glover Tries To Liberate Curacao in ‘Tula: The Revolt’

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It’s been a while since we’ve seen Danny Glover on the big screen: the last major studio picture to feature the Lethal Weapon star was perhaps 2010′s American remake of Death at a Funeral. In this first trailer for the Dutch-produced historical epic Tula: The Revolt, we see Glover lead an international cast of actors including British newcomers Obi Abili and Natalie Simpson as well as Dutch veteran Jeroen Krabbé. And if there’s one thing I know about the film business, it’s that Jeroen Krabbé equals box-office bonanza!

But in all seriousness, the film tells the story of an 18th Century slave revolt on the island of Curacao and the man who became a folk hero and inspired entire generations. The trailer makes it feel somewhat like a historical siege movie in the vein of Zulu, except this time we’re not on the side of the colonial oppressors.

We have few other details about this film beyond it’s imminent Dutch release, but we’re pretty certain that at no point will Glover’s character comment on how he’s too old for this [stuff]. Unless that [stuff] happens to be ‘joining a rebellion’.

Jun 03 2013

Steven Seagal ‘Opens Up’ US-Russia Talks

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Martial Artist, Actor, Director, Musician, Lawman.

Now it seems that Steven Seagal is stuffing another feather into his crowded, yet dilapidated hat: he’s now also stepping into the field of international diplomacy!

According to a report by ABC News, the Executive Decision star used his ‘web of high-level contacts’ to broker a meeting between Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitri Rogozin and US congressional representatives. The article states that the delegation’s purpose included an investigation into April’s tragic Boston Marathon bombings, which almost certainly would not have happened if Mr Seagal was present.

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher told reporters: “I don’t know if he would have been available to us without Steven actually suggesting that he do that.  We are very pleased that he opened up some doors for us so we could have some very high level discussions.”

This strange piece of news comes hot after basketball star Dennis Rodman’s own foray into the diplomatic trade, in which he befriended North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un. Except in that case, the US State Department felt compelled to disown Mr Rodman’s action on account of how dumb he was.

The report also takes time to highlight Seagal’s friendship with Chechnyan leader Ramzan Kadyrov: a man with a human rights abuse record more extensive than his collection of rare sports cars.


Just to re-iterate: all this news is actually happening.

(via ABC News)

Jun 03 2013

Watch: The World’s Fastest Snail Shifts Gears in ‘Turbo’ Trailer

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Family audiences can buckle up this summer as Dreamworks Animations gears up to release their latest film, Turbo. Following in the footsteps of Ratatouille and Kung Fu Panda, they’re returning to the tried and tested formula of putting talking animals into situations they are singularly unsuited for. In this case, Ryan Reynolds provides the voice of Turbo, who dreams of being fast even though he’s just a garden snail! As shown in the trailer, a freak accident sees him doused in nitrous oxide which, instead of killing him like it should, transforms him into a super-charged speed machine! Rising up through the ranks of the shady underground snail-racing circuit, Turbo eventually makes it into the Indy 500: America’s most prestigious motor race!

Featuring a whole host of cameos from motor-racers that are hardly household names outside of the US (including IndyCar star and awesome name-haver Will Power), the film will immediately be followed by a spin-off television series  commissioned by an online streaming company that won’t be named here.

Turbo is in UK cinemas 18th October

Jun 03 2013

5 Actors Who Could Be The Next Doctor

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As you’ve no doubt heard by now, actor Matt Smith will be leaving the hit BBC series Doctor Who at the end of the year. In the hour-long trailer for the Christmas special that masqueraded as the series finale a few weeks back, we learned that Smith’s Doctor will come into contact with a future Doc played by John Hurt.

But seriously, beyond that one-off episode, no-one is really expecting Hurt to stick around as the title character in the Beeb’s flagship programme. After all, the show’s young audience hate seeing old people because it reminds them of their Gran’s house.

So that begs the question: who will be the next doctor? If you’ve been following the news for the past few weeks, you’ve seen the minor media furore accusing Doctor Who of being a fusty, old imperialist fantasy. So it stands to reason that the BBC might be eager to widen the casting net for the next incarnation of the Doctor. Based on no facts whatsoever, here are some prime candidates for the role:

1. Idris Elba
If you’re looking for a black Doctor, you’re also going to want him to be cool. Not Noel Clarke-acting-like-a-hard-man cool, but Idris Elba-silently-judging-you-and-ready-to-shove-a-sonic-screwdriver-where-it-don’t-belong cool. That’s why the star of The Wire would make for an awesome Doctor. Sadly, with his BBC cop show Luther still on the go and Pacific Rim about to hit cinemas this summer, we doubt he’d lock himself into a contract for what is essentially a show for kids.

2. Danny Dyer
We know what you’re thinking, next to all the doctors have been dead posho: the only Northern Doctor (Christopher Eccleston) was given the heave-ho after just one season. So why not cast someone with an air of danger; a working class hero that regular folks can relate to; an actor who can play both drama and comedy with mixed results? An actor like, Danny Dyer, say. He’s pretty much the only person on this list who wouldn’t hesitate over taking this job. “No, thank you” is a phrase that’s simply missing from the Dyer lexicon.

3. Dan Stevens
Some people might say that the Doctor is too posh. But others might think that he’s not too posh enough! Perhaps the ballsiest thing head writer Stephen Moffat can do at this point is double-down and introduce the poshest Doctor yet! And if he wants to do that, he can’t far wrong with actor Dan Stevens! After his recent departure from Downton Abbey, he must surely be looking for work: after all, most movies made in the UK these days feature men calling each other ‘slags’ and threatening each other with shooters — and we doubt he’s going up for those parts.

4. Gwendoline Christie

*Ring ring*

- “Hello, who’s this?”

- “It’s me, the 1960s! I’m calling to get my misogynist TV casting practices back!

Considering we’re now knee deep in the 21st Century, we should probably be seeing more women in leading roles on television and what better place to start than with the most popular show on a government-funded network. If there’s one trait that characterises all of the Doctor’s previous incarnations, it’s an extroverted sense of otherness; of being supremely confident yet somewhat uncomfortable. So who better to be the first female Doctor than Game of Thrones star Gwendoline Christie?

In the HBO series, Christie utilises her 6’3″ frame to play Brienne of Tarth, a noblewoman who transformed herself into a warrior through hard work and sheer force of will. She’s one of the most physically striking around and she’s already proven herself on one of TV’s biggest franchises. PLUS — being a fan-favourite, she would be spared the online fury the BBC would receive if they went with, say… Gemma Arterton instead.

5. Michael Cera
Over the past few years, under the watchful eye of show-runners Russel T Davies and Steven Moffat, the franchise’s popularity has expanded beyond these green and pleasant lands. Apart from Top Gear, Doctor Who is the BBC’s most valuable property overseas.

So it would stand to reason that the show is best served by a big Hollywood actor. One with a slightly nerdy following, perhaps: someone like Scott Pilgrim and Arrested Development star Michael Cera! Sure, this would be the most blasphemous thing to ever happen to the Whoniverse, but I bet a record number of people would tune in for the first episode, if only to live-tweet their hate.

Who do you think would make for an interesting Doctor? Tell us on the comment board below, or take to our facebook page and make your opinion known!

Part 2 of Doctor Who’s 7th Series is now available at blinkbox

Jun 03 2013

“I’m Gonna Wreck It!”: New Releases Monday 3rd June 2013

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Wreck-It Ralph ★★★★★ (Pick of the Week)
Wreck-It Ralph begins with a genius conceit and proceeds to explore it in wonderful ways. Ralph (John C Reilly) is the bad guy in a perennially popular video game who lives inside his machine even when the kids have gone home. Tired of being the villain, he escapes his own world and starts hopping between games with the hope of becoming a real hero. Packed with great gags and endearing characters, Wreck-it Ralph is the funniest and perhaps the most charming animated film from the past year.

I Give It a Year
From Dan Mazer, a comedy writer who made his name writing on Bruno and Borat, makes his directorial debut with this Richard Curtis-esque romantic comedy. Rose Byrne and Rafe Spall are a newly married couple who quickly realise that only fools rush in: agreeing that they don’t work as a pair, they come to an agreement whereby they’ll help each other to woo their new prospective mates, played by Anna Faris and TV’s The Mentalist. There’s a hint of raunchy Bridesmaids-style  humour and a great supporting turn by Stephen Merchant. Are you tempted yet?

Warm Bodies
Vampires are so last year: teenage girls are all about the zombies these days. Former Skins heartthrob and legitimate Hollywood star Nicholas Hoult plays the lead character, a shambling zombie with the internal monologue of Adrian Mole. One day, while doing the things zombies do, he falls in love with live human girl (played by Kristen Stewart looky-likey Theresa Palmer). This unlikeliest of Romeo and Juliet stories plays out in a funny, sweet and occasionally creepy way. John Malkovich also stars as not-Kristen Stewart’s over-protective father.

A troubled elementary school teacher whose alcoholism leads to a series of lies that begin to unravel her career, her friendships and her marriage. Debuting at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival, critics showered universal praise on Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s fearless lead performance, while also commending her co-star Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad). It’s a little heavy for a Saturday night, but it’s worth it if you’re looking for a more challenging film.

Sweet Vengeance
Mad Men’s January Jones is a widow in the Old West who takes up arms to avenge her husband’s death. In the middle of her cross-hairs is a crooked local preacher played by a drawling Jason Isaacs (hello), who’s seems to be channelling the same muse as Ben Kingsley in Iron Man 3. Ed Harris also pops up as the local sheriff but this is definitely Jones’ movie, as she looks to establish herself as an actress who can look good in dresses from any period.

The ABCs of Death
26 letters of the alphabet. 26 directors. 26 short horror films coming at you in quick succession like a fully-loaded Kalashnikov of terror. A high ambitious anthology film, The ABCs of Death feels less like watching a movie and more like flicking through an issue of Fangoria at high speed: featuring just about every sub-genre you can possibly imagine, this project is a must-see for horror fans!

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