Jun 12 2013

“A boy’s best friend is his mother”: Eight Memorable Movie Mamas

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Here at blinkbox, we’re big fans of mums. We love our own mums, of course (and we’ll fight anyone who says otherwise), but we also love to see movie mums taking care of business, like in the new movie Mama, starring Jessica Chastain. In it, she takes in her boyfriend’s two orphaned nieces: girls who have spent almost five years living in the wilderness. However, they are not alone as they are seemingly protected by a mysterious spirit they call ‘Mama’. A demon mother? Awesome!

Here are 8 more of the most memorable mothers from the big screen:

1. Meg Altman (Panic Room)
A consummate master of the shut-out, single mother Altman isn’t afraid of getting her hands dirty when it comes to looking after her flock. When a small gang of burglars break into her house, she locks herself and her daughter in a heavily fortified safe room. Cut off from the outside world, she has to find a way to expel the thieves while keeping her diabetic daughter alive. Action Mother to the rescue!

2. Leigh Anne Touhy (The Blind Side)
Rich, philanthropic and passionate about sport, Leigh Anne Tuohy is every boy’s dream mother. Based on a real woman by the same name, Sandra Bullock plays the part in the story of how one woman took in a young, homeless black child by the name of Michael Oher, and mentored him into a Offensive Tackle with a scholarship at a prestigious University. The story’s real happy ending actually came years after the films’ release as Oher’s team, the Baltimore Ravens, won the championship at this year’s Super Bowl. Sequel anyone?

3. Eva Katchadourian (We Need to Talk About Kevin)
Ever the underdog, travel writer turned full-time mother Eva might not have the most orthodox of childcare methods. We see her in an early scene, pushing her son’s pram into a loud construction site to drown out his cries. But for what she lacks in technique, she more than makes up in dedication: in the face of a distinctly troubled son who goes off the rails, she remains tragically loyal to the end. The term lost cause simply isn’t in her vocabulary!

4. Joan Crawford (Mommie Dearest)
Have you ever thought that it might be cool to have a famous actress as a mother? Well, not if you’re Christina Crawford, the daughter of screen legend Joan. In the film based on her autobiography, we bear witness to a mother who’s both a driven professional and compulsively clean when it comes to housekeeping and personal appearance. But for all her psychoses, you have to admit that Joan has a way of getting her point across: after seeing this, you’ll know to NEVER, EVER USE WIRE HANGERS EVER AGAIN.

5. Elaine Miller (Almost Famous)
With a parenting style that blends New Age philosophy and brutal isolation from popular culture, Elaine isn’t exactly the most chilled of mothers. Having already lost her fiercely independent daughter (Zooey Deschanel) to a van-full of dirty hippies, she doubles down with her younger son William, disapproving of his burgeoning career as a touring rock journalist for Rolling Stone. You would think that any parent would be pretty psyched if their 16 year-old child scored a front page gig with a national publication, but not Elaine. She’s the only one who seems to think that a kid being around drugs, alcohol and free love might be a bad thing.

6. Telly Paretta (The Forgotten)

Julianne Moore is one of America’s acting treasures, right alongside Meryl Streep. Here she completely sells the character of a woman who believes that her child died in a plane crash, despite the fact that everyone she knows keeps telling her that she’s never even had a child! Her husband (Goose from Top Gun) tells her they never had a kid, an NSA agent (Beecher from ‘Oz’) refuses to tell her anything. The only person who believes her is a man who’s possibly in the very same boat as her (McNulty from ‘The Wire’). As we learn from this film, no amount of government brainwashing can make a woman forget the fruit of her womb!

7. Norma Bates (Psycho)
A man’s best friend is his mother. But no one take’s this maxim more seriously than Norman Bates: proprietor of the Bates Motel, amateur taxidermist and all-round psychological mess. Having been brought up by an abusive mother who taught him that all women are harlots (except for her), he cannot even engage with members of the fairer sex without going into a full-on psychotic episode. But if you’re ever tempted go around the Bates household for a cup of tea and a chinwag, you might want to think again: Mrs Bates isn’t really keen on unexpected visitors.

8. Renee Dwyer (The Twilight Saga)
The prototypical laissez-faire guardian, Dwyer’s approach to raising Bella can easily be described as ‘hands-off’. Though close to her child, care-giving aficionados commonly hold that being a best friend is not the same as being a mother. In fact, she’s made a number of parenting decisions that could be interpreted as downright negligent: like sending her daughter to live with her dad so she can travel the country with her boyfriend and failing to kick up a fuss when her child marries a vampire. A bet on Bella’s mum would be like throwing away your cash.

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Jun 12 2013

TRAILER: There Will Be Dragons in ‘The Desolation of Smaug’!

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“But it wasn’t a dream! You were there Gandalf, and so were you Legolas!”

Let’s not beat about the bush: most people were at least a little disappointed by the first of Peter Jackson’s first Hobbit films. But if this teaser for The Desolation of Smaug is anything to go by, the disappointment will soon give way to renewed excitement and hope that everything’s going to be alright, now that Unkie Legolas is going to be around for the second movie. Although it was assumed that just about every Rings star would eventually make a cameo, we weren’t sure to exactly what extent. Depending on whether we’ve just actually witnessed every one of Orlando Bloom’s scenes in the final movie, Legolas will be dropping in at some point to join Bilbo’s merry band and help dispatch some orcs with his mighty bow.

This does raise the question, though: when old Bilbo finds out about the fellowship in Lord of the Rings, surely his first reaction would be: “Eh up, Frodo — I see you’ve met my chums Leggy, Gimli and Boromir.” But I guess we’re just nit-picking now.

Oh yeah, plus we get our first decent look at Smaug — the titular dragon that will be voiced by the soon-ubiquitous Benedict Cumberbatch.

The Desolation of Smaug will be in cinemas 13th December.

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Jun 11 2013

INFOGRAPHIC: It’s a Good Day for Die Hard Trivia!

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Who’s the cat that won’t cop out, when there’s danger all about?

– McClane!

You’re damn right…

To mark the release of A Good Day to Die Hard, the latest film to star Bruce Willis as NYPD Det. John McClane, we’ve been ogling over these fantastic Die Hard infographics made by the smart guys at Collider and 20th Century Fox.

Featuring fascinating stats and interesting trivia tidbits, these posters pretty much contain Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Die Hard (But Were Afraid to Ask). Check them out!

Die Hard

Die Hard 2

Die Hard with a Vengeance
Die Hard 4.0 (aka Live Free or Die Hard)

A Good Day to Die Hard

A Good Day to Die Hard is now available at blinkbox

(via Collider)

Jun 10 2013

“Four-Score and Twenty Years…”: New Releases Monday 10th June 2013

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Lincoln ★★★★★ (Pick of the Week)
Perhaps the only man in the world who regularly eclipses any film he appears in, Daniel Day Lewis absolutely owns this film. Director Steven Spielberg and screenwriter Tony Kushner depart from the usual structure of biographical pictures to create a film that focuses on Lincoln’s efforts to pass the Thirteenth Amendment to the US constitution, putting an end to American slavery. Taking place almost entirely during January 1865, the film sees Honest Abe in action as not only a parable-loving leader and father figure, but also as a shrewd political operator. As an insight into 19th century political process alone, the film makes for fascinating viewing; but with towering performances by a sprawling cast that includes Day-Lewis, Tommy Lee Jones, Sally Field and James Spader, this film becomes absolutely unmissable.

A Good Day to Die HardDie-Hard-5
What’s better than one John McClane? If you said ‘two John McClanes’ then go ahead a treat yourself to the latest film in the increasingly unpronounceable Die Hard Franchise. This time, we’re following Bruce Willis as he heads to Russia to reconcile with his estranged son (Jai Courtney from TV’s Spartacus), who has since become entangled in some spy stuff that involves evil Russians. From a plot perspective, the film doesn’t necessarily make a lot of sense, but there are a number of top-class action sequences and the mandatory Die Hard scene of one or more McClanes bursting through a pane of glass. Just switch off your brain and go along for the ride, okay?

This is 40This-if-40
The King of the Profane, Heartfelt Modern Comedy returns this week with his fourth film as writer and director. Following Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann’s characters from Knocked Up a few years on, Judd Apatow deliberately circles around different issues like growing older and being a parent, mixing the maudlin in with some funny scenes. Watch out for tonnes of cameos from new and old comedy stars including Lena Dunham, Chris O’Dowd, Albert Brooks and John Lithgow. There really isn’t much story to this film but that’s okay: it’s kind of like hanging out with a bunch of people you like for 2 hours and then going your separate ways. Give it a try…

Michael H, Profession: DirectorMichael-H
With his multiple Oscar Nominations and win for Best Foreign Picture this year, you could easily say that Michael Haneke has never been bigger. Take a peek behind the steely façade of the man who made Cache and Amour with this documentary that examines both his life and his extraordinary career. Told daringly in reverse chronological order and peppered with new interviews with Juliette Binoche and Isabelle Huppert, there’s never been a better opportunity discover more about Europe’s greatest living director.

Neil Young JourneysNeil-Young
Jonathan Demme’s third concert film/documentary about Neil Young finds the aging Canadian troubadour returning to his hometown in Ontario. He visits his old haunts and tells stories about his past, woven in with mesmerising songs, played in front of a packed audience in Toronto’s iconic Massey Hall. Devoted fans will not need to be sold on this movie but those of you unfamiliar with his work will find a wonderfully accessible introduction to the wonderful world of Neil Young.

For more of the latest films, go ahead and check out blinkbox’s New Releases section

Jun 07 2013

Okay, Okay, Fine… Just One More ‘Man of Steel’ Trailer, Alright?

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Sure, I know you’ve seen like a million of these already but THIS ONE promises to be the last trailer for Man of Steel before he descends upon cinemas next Friday to save us from the tyranny of more Superman trailers.This one is inexplicably presented by Nokia, presumably Clark Kent’s preferred manufacturer of mobile devices and it features a lot of footage you’ve seen before mixed in with some new music from Hans Zimmer’s soundtrack.

Yes, we are all really excited for the film but does there really have to be this relentless and increasingly spoilery campaign of teasers? Just give us the movie already!

Man of Steel arrives 14 June in Cinemas nationwide and trust us: we’ll be at the front of the cue.

Jun 06 2013

Trailer Park Vol. 2: ‘… and The Eye in the Sky Is Watching Us All’

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The first port of call on our whistle-stop tour of this week’s best trailers takes us to Jolly Ol’ London where we find English lawyers Eric Bana and Rebecca Hall getting caught up with all sorts of political and corporate intrigue in Closed Circuit:

Next stop: Turbo! The new family film from Dreamworks Animation is all about a garden-variety snail (with Ryan Reynolds’ voice) whose dreams come true when an accident transforms him into an automatic, systematic, hydromatic speed machine:

If you like Gary Oldman, but really miss seeing him play over-the-top villains: look no further than Paranoia! Gazza and Harrison Ford play rival industrialists in New York who end up using Liam Hemsworth’s working class schmoe as a pawn in their high-stakes power struggle.

Beware of the trailer, though: it looks to be utter spoiler-tastic:

If you’re wondering what you’re going to do next week when the weather goes all rubbish again, why not consider an easy-going comedy? Maybe something like This is 40, new film from Knocked Up director Judd Apatow:

(available to buy from Monday 10th June)

Or if you think you have the stomach for something a little grittier, you can’t go far wrong with Blood, a police thriller starring top British thesps Paul Bettany, Stephen Graham (Boardwalk Empire) and Mark Strong:

Blood is now available to buy and rent.

For previews of more upcoming films, head over to the blinkbox trailer page now!

Jun 06 2013

‘Who Poll’: Who Should Play The Next Incarnation of The Doctor?

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Okay, we know that this is entirely speculative and that producers of Doctor Who have probably already lined up their replacement for Matt Smith. But let’s pretend for a second –just a second– that we have some say in who gets to play the next Doctor in exchange for our hard-earned license money.

We’ve put together a poll featuring actors who could potentially be the next Doctor (based on nothing but spurious guesswork) and we’re asking you, the people, who you want to see in the T.A.R.D.I.S. next!

Doctor Who Series 1 through 7 are now available at blinkbox

Jun 06 2013

TRAILER: Ford, Oldman and a Hemsworth Are Knee-Deep in ‘Paranoia’

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Now deep in it’s second stage, the New HemsWorld Order is continuing its assault on Hollywood with Junior Hemsworth #2 (codename: Liam) soon to appear in this corporate thriller opposite venerated film stars Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman. He play a working class stiff from Brooklyn who’s given a chance at the big time when power player Oldman hires him to steal technology from his rival (Ford).

We’re not exactly counting on Harrison Ford to bring his A-game, seeing as ‘giving a crap’ is no longer a thing he can do. However, Gary Oldman seems to be dusting off the histrionic Gary Oldman of yore, channeling a bit of Alan Sugar and a little Don Logan from Sexy Beast (link contains swears). But you really get the impression that Oldman is just trying to compensate for Indy’s super low-key performance!

Like the Fast and Furious 6 trailer, this first promo here reveals way too much about the plot — up to and including what we suspect to be the final scene where Hemsworth turns the tables on the two horrible bosses. So really, there’s no point in you seeing this film if you’re interested in junk like story, character development and suspense.

But if there’s one thing that you can almost be assured of, it’s that there will be a scene with Hemsworth taking his shirt of for no good reason.

Paranoia currently has no UK release date, but expect it at some point this year.

Jun 05 2013

Stay Safe and Stay In With blinkbox’s Ültimate Sofa Fort Competition

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In our ongoing Facebook competition, we tasked our users with creating the most epic Sofa Fort in their own homes. The contest doesn’t end until Sunday 9th, so you still have a chance to enter your own masterpiece of upholstered architecture and maybe win a brand new 50-inch 3D LG Plasma Widescreen TV!

Here are some of our favourite entries so far:

1. Parapets: fully manned

2. Woody holes up in Castle Grayskull!

3. Flying the flag for great British design!

4. A roomy design that could also easily fit two cowboys, two policemen, two sailors, two bikers and a pair of construction workers for a perfectly acceptable Village People tribute.

5. We like this, even though it’s less of a sofa fort and more like Roy Orbison’s beach hut.

6. You can’t go wrong with the classic colour combination of Brown and Turquoise

 7. This… looks somewhat dangerous

8. With this many towels and red leather, they’ve created the perfect summer beach fort!

To vote for a winner or to enter your own sofa fort, head over to our Facebook page right now!

Jun 05 2013

TRAILER: Robert De Niro Stars in a Schizophrenic Luc Besson Mob Comedy

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Depending on who you’re talking to, I’m pretty sure we can agree that Comedic Actor Robert De Niro is nowhere near as good as Dramatic Actor Robert De Niro. The sobering thing is that it’s been such a long time since he’s been truly great in a movie. There’s an entire generation of new movie fans who only know him as the grimacing man from the Fockers movies.

As fans of his work, we’re desperate for him to collaborate with Martin Scorsese again: it would be a dream to see the two of them work on a movie set in the world of organised crime!

Well, seek and Luc Besson shall provide…

…in the form of The Family, his new ‘dark comedy’ executive produced by Scorsese. Although by the look of the trailer, it’s going to be a closer to Analyze This than Goodfellas.

De Niro plays a Mafia boss who rats on his associates and has to enter the witness security program (run by Tommy Lee Jones). Along with his wife and kids (Michelle Pfeiffer, Glee’s Dianna Agron and some other dude), he gets sent to a quiet village in rural Normandy.

Big city gangsters? In a small town, full of snooty French people? Sounds like a comedy! Well, except for the fact that the trailer doesn’t really contain too many punchlines. Unless you count the lines that end in people getting punched by De Niro’s family. Or getting run over by their car. Or getting shot to death.

Let us know what you think about this trailer and leave us a comment in the box below!

The Family washes up on our shores November 8th