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“I’m Gonna Wreck It!”: New Releases Monday 3rd June 2013

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Wreck-It Ralph ★★★★★ (Pick of the Week)
Wreck-It Ralph begins with a genius conceit and proceeds to explore it in wonderful ways. Ralph (John C Reilly) is the bad guy in a perennially popular video game who lives inside his machine even when the kids have gone home. Tired of being the villain, he escapes his own world and starts hopping between games with the hope of becoming a real hero. Packed with great gags and endearing characters, Wreck-it Ralph is the funniest and perhaps the most charming animated film from the past year.

I Give It a Year
From Dan Mazer, a comedy writer who made his name writing on Bruno and Borat, makes his directorial debut with this Richard Curtis-esque romantic comedy. Rose Byrne and Rafe Spall are a newly married couple who quickly realise that only fools rush in: agreeing that they don’t work as a pair, they come to an agreement whereby they’ll help each other to woo their new prospective mates, played by Anna Faris and TV’s The Mentalist. There’s a hint of raunchy Bridesmaids-style  humour and a great supporting turn by Stephen Merchant. Are you tempted yet?

Warm Bodies
Vampires are so last year: teenage girls are all about the zombies these days. Former Skins heartthrob and legitimate Hollywood star Nicholas Hoult plays the lead character, a shambling zombie with the internal monologue of Adrian Mole. One day, while doing the things zombies do, he falls in love with live human girl (played by Kristen Stewart looky-likey Theresa Palmer). This unlikeliest of Romeo and Juliet stories plays out in a funny, sweet and occasionally creepy way. John Malkovich also stars as not-Kristen Stewart’s over-protective father.

A troubled elementary school teacher whose alcoholism leads to a series of lies that begin to unravel her career, her friendships and her marriage. Debuting at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival, critics showered universal praise on Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s fearless lead performance, while also commending her co-star Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad). It’s a little heavy for a Saturday night, but it’s worth it if you’re looking for a more challenging film.

Sweet Vengeance
Mad Men’s January Jones is a widow in the Old West who takes up arms to avenge her husband’s death. In the middle of her cross-hairs is a crooked local preacher played by a drawling Jason Isaacs (hello), who’s seems to be channelling the same muse as Ben Kingsley in Iron Man 3. Ed Harris also pops up as the local sheriff but this is definitely Jones’ movie, as she looks to establish herself as an actress who can look good in dresses from any period.

The ABCs of Death
26 letters of the alphabet. 26 directors. 26 short horror films coming at you in quick succession like a fully-loaded Kalashnikov of terror. A high ambitious anthology film, The ABCs of Death feels less like watching a movie and more like flicking through an issue of Fangoria at high speed: featuring just about every sub-genre you can possibly imagine, this project is a must-see for horror fans!

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