Jun 13

Norfolk Digital Goes On-the-Air and Off-the-Hook in ‘Alan Partridge’ Trailer

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The first full trailer for the Alan Partridge movie has dropped and despite the fact that it sounded like a sly joke in the teaser, the title will actually be Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa. Steve Coogan reprises his most famous character for a story that will see the Norfolk (digital) Radio DJ involved in a siege when a disgruntled former colleague Colm Meaney takes the station by force. There are appearances from Alan’s put-upon PA, Lynn (Felicity Montagu) and his Geordie friend/acquaintance, Michael (Simon Greenall).

Co-written by Coogan, Peter Baynam and Armando Iannucci, there’s no reason to believe that the film will be any less excellent than any of the previous Partridge projects. Having said that, we won’t have to speculate for very long: the film arrives in cinemas August 7th.

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