May 10

WATCH: Clooney and Bullock Get Lost in Space in ‘Gravity’ Trailer

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George Clooney and Sandra Bullock are astronauts stranded in orbit after an explosion cripples their shuttle. Starring two of Hollywood’s most dependable movie stars, the film also happens to fall into our favourite sub-genre: one we like to call ‘People Stuck in Space Going Mad (Or Are They?)’. Other examples are Silent Running, Sunshine, Moon and Solaris – all great movies.

The teaser does a pretty good establishing the visual style and the basic set-up of the plot: beyond the fact that an accident that destroys their life support systems, we know nothing else about the movie. Which is the way we would really prefer trailers to be, instead of spoiling every major set piece and plot twist.

Director Alfonso Cuaron had a pretty decent run in the previous decade. In 2001, he directed the Mexican coming-of-age drama Y tu mamá también, which put him on the scene as a world director of note. His follow-up to that was Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, which didn’t necessarily save the wizard franchise but did lend it a lot of credibility and maturity. Next up after that was Children of Men, the near-future epic with Clive Owen –  possibly the greatest Sci-Fi film of the 2000s.

Do we have high hopes for Gravity? You bet we do.

Gravity is in cinemas 18th October

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