May 22

Vince Vaughn is King of the Babymakers in ‘Delivery Man’ Teaser

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Vince Vaughn’s been off his game for quite a few years now. When Old School came out back in 2003, he became one of the most coveted comic actors in America. He was like 1984 Eddie Murphy, back when he was in Beverly Hills Cop and 48 Hours. But in the past few years, he’s only managed to appear in a handful of disappointing comedies aimed at a more family-inclusive audience. In effect, he had become 2005  Eddie Murphy within a span of a few years.

But things could be turning around for him in 2013: on top of reuniting with Owen Wilson in The Internship, he’ll also be headlining the upcoming comedy Delivery Man. In it, he plays plays an ‘affable underachiever’ who discovers that -thanks to an administrative error at the fertility clinic- he is the biological father of over 500 kids. The trailer doesn’t explicitly mention it, but we suspect the film will feature: a) hijinks; and b) Vaughn’s character doing a lot of growing up.

Directed by Ken Scott, this is a remake of a French-Canadian comedy Starbuck, which Scott also wrote and directed. The film is actually available at blinkbox right now and we would heartily recommend it, so long as you’re fine with reading subtitles.

If Delivery Man is as good as the original, there’s every chance this film could put some life back into Vaughn’s otherwise flagging career. It’s due in UK cinemas in October.

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