May 16

TRAILER: ‘About Time’, Richard Curtis’ Time Travelling Rom-Com

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Notting Hill and Love Actually writer/director Richard Curtis goes high-concept for his latest romantic comedy. About Time stars Domhnall Gleeson as an awkward young Englishman (of course) who falls in love with a beautiful American woman (naturally) played by Rachel McAdams. The big difference this time is that Curtis’ protagonist also happens to be… a time traveller!

The trailer is a little reminiscent of McAdam’s earlier film The Time Traveler’s Wife but with a much less ponderous touch. Perhaps a more fitting comparison can be drawn with Groundhog Day, which perfectly used its time travel plot device for comedic and philosophical purposes. If he comes anywhere close to the high water mark of that comic classic, we might be in the mood to forget the unfunny mis-step of Curtis’ last film, The Boat That Rocked.

About Time is scheduled to arrive in cinemas September 9th.

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