May 30

Trailer Park: The Latest and Greatest Movie Trailers

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Welcome to our weekly breakdown of the hottest new trailers! Every Friday, we’ll be looking back at some of the most exciting theatrical teasers that have surfaced on the internet, plus a couple of ones for our newest releases here on blinkbox!

So buckle up and put your seat back in the full upright position, because we’re kicking off with the final cinematic preview for Disney’s Planes:

Next up, we had our first real look at Robert Rodriguez’s sequel, Machete Kills. Danny Trejo is back as the blade-savvy Mexican antihero and this time… he’s surrounded by an even bigger cast! This trailer was made for a Spanish-speaking audience, but you really don’t need to understand the words to get a kick out of it:

If you haven’t had enough of the hundreds of trailers and teaser for Man of Steel, here’s one more to whet your appetite:

If you’re looking for something to watch this weekend, you may want to consider The Purge. A super-dark thriller, it’s set in a future dystopia where all crime is legalised for just one night a year. Ethan Hawke stars as a father whose family falls under siege, forcing him to protect his home at all costs:

Or perhaps if you’re looking for something super strange and awesome to watch at home, in which case I strongly suggest you check out the trailer for the Australian horror film Bait. It’s Jaws meets Supermarket Sweep in the most literal way possible (NSFW):

For more of the latest films, check out our New Releases page!

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