May 31

Trailer: Hugh Jackman goes Hunting for a Missing Child in ‘Prisoners’

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Sure, we’ve seen it all before: a parent is driven to the edge of sanity in a hunt for their abducted child. Hell, next to all of Harrison Ford’s 90s output involved him saving various family members from danger. The trope might be old and familiar, but it doesn’t mean that it can’t be done well.

From a screenplay that’s apparently been floating around in Hollywood for over a decade, Prisoners sees Hugh Jackman play a suburban father whose child mysteriously disappears. Leading the search for the daughter is police detective Jake Gyllenhaal, who soon identifies creepy Paul Dano as a likely suspect. Unable to pin the crime on him, he has to let Dano go, forcing Jackman to take matters into his own hands.

But why have I told you this? Just watch the trailer already!

Prisoners co-stars Viola Davis and Terrence Howard and is due in cinemas 4th October

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