May 29

WATCH: Final ‘Planes’ Trailer Takes to the Sky

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I think it’s safe to assume now that the Summer blockbuster season is in full swing. We’ve already had our first $1billion dollar movie in Iron Man 3; a glitzy literary adaptation in The Great Gatsby; and a sci-fi spectacular in Star Trek into Darkness. But what is there for families? Apart from Monsters University from the utterly dependable Pixar studios, there isn’t much else suitable for the all-ages audience. Apart from this Disney animated film spun-off from Pixar’s worst franchise: Cars.

In Planes, a simple anthropomorphic crop-duster finds himself entered into an international plane racing series, competing against the world’s fastest planes. The only problem is… he’s afraid of heights!

Voiced by comedian Dane Cook, the protagonist is cloyingly named Dusty Crophopper, which makes you wonder what names are left for all the other cropdusters! Dropp T. Organic-Pesticide? Baron Flylow von Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane?

Anyway, people more cynical than us may see this film as a lazy derivative cash-grab designed to sell toys that will essentially be Airfix models with smiles on them. But us? We think this is going to be a heartwarming treat, guaranteed to delight the entire family!

Planes taxis into UK cinemas 16th August

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