May 15

The 8 Awesomest Movie-Themed Tattoos!

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If you like a movie, you might buy your own copy; you might get a poster framed on your wall. But if you LOVE a movie, there’s no better way to show your devotion than through the indelible medium of skin art.

We’ve had a look around at the internet and found 8 of our favourite movie-themed tattoos. And while their owners may one day regret getting them done, we owe them all a debt of gratitude for making our day.

1. Nothing gets you ready for a bit of the old ultra-violence like a tattoo from Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange.

2. It would be the ultimate irony if getting this tattoo resulted in him losing custody of his children.

3.This piece of ink is basically a warning sign for all potential spouses to stay well away.

4. If they ever find Julia Roberts’ body lying face-down in a ditch, we know exactly who the cops should talk to first.

5.Hey girl, why don’t I come over to your place tonight? You can electrocute me and drop bowling balls on my head. Just the way I like it…”

6. Turns out, ‘Home Alone’ made a pretty big impression on this generation of tattoo getters.
Wet Bandits2

7. As this woman gets older, the tattoo will start looking like a lost Salvador Dali painting. You know, from the period in his career when he was working on his vampire slash fiction...

8. “Hey bros! No party can start without Darth Buscemi!”

If you have any other favourites that we missed out, head over to our facebook page and share them with us!

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