May 31

The #1 Online Destination for Hunger Games Fashionistas!

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After almost a year of brazen neglect, the internet has finally got around to servicing the needs of a much-ignored corner of the internet. That is to say: Hunger Games super-fans who also happen to be really into fashion.

The Tumblr site ‘Capitol Couture‘ does a pretty good job at presenting a Vogue-like fashion site for all wealthy citizens of Panem, the fictional future America from Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games novels. Showcasing features and op-eds that can help you attain that coveted ‘dystopian future’ look, the site highlights cutting edge designs from designers like Viktor and Rolf who have managed to capture a brand of glamour only possible if you’re part of an elite social class that has enslaved the rest of your nation.

Fashion-conscious aspiring neo-fascists: this one’s for you!

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  1. Christina says:

    Such a good news for all the Hunger Games fans that also are intersted in fashion!

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