May 16

Sing-along with Les Misérables!

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Untitled-1Considering how popular and beloved Les Misérables is as a musical, most of the songs in it are incredibly hard to sing. With the exception of a few, none of the tunes follow a traditional verse-chorus structure. A few of the songs have a strict rhyme scheme, while others don’t. Many of the exposition-heavy numbers don’t even follow a regular rhythm.

So when it came to choosing numbers to include in our blinkbox Les Miz sing-along, we selected three songs that we thought you guys could sing without having to be 100% familiar with the musical — in fact, we’re sure that most of your will know ‘On My Own’ even if you’ve never seen the show. Warning: the very last number requires a group to pull off, so be sure to get as many friends over for your blinkbox-sanctioned singalong session.




Now all you need to host your very own sing-along are a group of good friends, some snacks and a copy of Les Misérables, which is now available to buy and rent from blinkbox. Enjoy!

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