May 10

New Hangover III Character Posters!

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CooperIn case you hadn’t noticed, this summer is pretty much packed with blockbuster sequels. But in the realm of Summer comedies, there’s only one that we can say will be a massive success with any degree of certainty.

The Hangover Part III reunites the cast of Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and Zach Galifianakis – whose careers have exploded since we first saw them in 2008′s The Hangover. Galifianakis has turned into a genuine comedy star in the vein of Jack Black and Helms became the lead of the American Office and starred in the criminally underrated Cedar Rapids. Bradley Cooper has even gone from playing minor comic villains to an Oscar nomination for a Best Actor this year!

In what promises to be the final chapter of the Hangover saga, the gang will reunite for their biggest adventure yet as they’re hunted down by pissed-off mobster John Goodman.

In case you’re not feeling the hype yet, check out these following character posters just released by Warner Bros.

See them, save them, cherish them.






John Goodman

The Hangover Part III hits cinemas 24th May 2013

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