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‘Gangster Squad’ Party (part 2 of 4): The Food – Classy Canapés

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As any good host knows: it doesn’t matter whether your party is big or small, you’re going to have to put some kind of spread together. For this event, we’re not talking about a three-course meal or anything too elaborate… but a bowl of Doritos and a pack of Party Rings aren’t going to hack it either.

Here are some food items for cocktail parties, as suggested by the Antoinette Pope School Cookbook published 1948. Click on the links for online recipes.

Stuffed Deviled Eggs with Caviar  Deviled-Egg-Caviar This item has since become a perennial party favourite but for to ensure your deviled eggs are a cut above the rest, use heaps of caviar. It will give your guests the impression that you’re a real fancy-man/woman.

Olive Pinwheelsolive-pinwheelThese used to be made with  puff pastry but an easy modern shortcut involves using flour tortillas. Because seriously, who has time to make their own pastry these days?

Shrimp CocktailShrimp-CocktailI mean, seriously: what’s classier than serving seafood out of a drinking vessel? Nothing! Just remember that the success of any shellfish dish hinges on the quality of your produce.

Bacon-wrapped PineappleBacon-PineappleWhat later became the whipping boy of middle English mediocrity of Abigail’s Party, your pineapple, ham and cheese on a stick was derived from this classic and classy hors d’oeuvre.

Sailboat AppetizersSailboat-AppetizersI know what you’re thinking: this is just another deviled egg. But people in the 40s were huge on hard-boiled eggs (so you can only imagine how the room smelled by the end of the night).

Small CakesCakesDesserts are notoriously tough, so feel free to head down to your local patisserie for a selection of petit fours. But if you don’t happen to live in a lah-di-dah part of town, use your favourite layer cake recipe and bake it in a square tin. Carefully cut the cake into small squares and decorate with fudge, dusted icing sugar or frosting. Et voila – perfectly acceptable finger cakes.

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