May 30

Game of Thrones: 8 Great Memes, Spoofs and Fan Vids

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We know that a lot of you are hooked on Game of Thrones right now, and so are we! The show might not have been on earlier this week, but that didn’t stop us from getting our fix from the hundreds of memes and fan-generated tributes littering the internet. To help you get over your withdrawal symptoms, we’ve pulled together our favourite bits of online Thrones randomness.

1. The King of Westeros + The Prince of Pop = One eminently punchable internet meme.bieber1

2. The one where Game of Thrones is set to the ‘Friends’ theme

(via YouTube)

3. Which of the Great Houses of the Seven Kingdoms would you belong to?

(via buzzfeed)

4. A beautiful game. A game of two halves. A game of thrones.

5. It’s only a matter of time before your favourite characters start shilling for major credit cards…Mastercard

6. Remember Ned Stark? He was pretty stupidStupidNEd

7. If the Houses were to hire management consultants for some aggressive blue sky thinking and to leverage their core competencies.
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8. Jon Snow doesn’t know anything. Case and point:

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