Apr 30 2013

Aardman to Produce ‘Shaun the Sheep’ Feature

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Aardman Animations, long-known as the Walt Disney Company of the West Country, have announced that their character Shaun the Sheep is heading into the movies. Originally seen in the Wallace and Gromit short A Close Shave, the lovable unit of livestock eventually spun-off his own self-titled kids’ series on the BBC that ran for over 80 episodes. Those episode have been running in syndication all over the world since then and Shaun has become something of a marketing phenomenon. He’s appeared on lunchboxes, backpacks and t-shirts, in some ways eclipsing the popularity of the Wallace and Gromit shorts.

The film, written and directed by Mark Burton and Aardman veteran Richard Starzak, will see Shaun and his sheep-friends head out to the big city on an adventure to save their Farmer. There has been no release date for the picture but bearing in mind the laboriousness of stop-motion animation, I wouldn’t be surprised if this doesn’t come out until 2018.

But first, here’s a little teaser image:


You can watch Shaun the Sheep (the TV show) on blinkbox right now!

Apr 30 2013

Watch: Awesome Extended Trailer for ‘Pacific Rim’

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Idris Elba and his band of merry robots take on the aliens from under the sea in this new, longer trailer for Pacific Rim that director Guillermo del Toro unveiled at Wondercon recently.

We’d be the first to admit that we’re feeling a little bit a fatigue from all the movies about giant robots. There’s only so much we can take of machines biffing each other in the metallic spuds and it seems like there’s no slowing their inevitable takeover of the cinema landscape. Within a few years, we can expect to see an earnest romantic comedy starring Sir Killalot and Matilda from Robot Wars: just mark our words. (he said, like some grumpy old man.)

But  then we also have to admit that there’s a difference between a director like Michael Bay and a genre legend like Guillermo del Toro, who has taken his talents to the world of Japanese rubber-suit monster movies (think Ultraman or the Gundam series. If you take a look at some of the vivid fantasy worlds he’s brought to life in Hellboy and the sublime Pan’s Labyrinth, you will remember that del Toro is not in the business of making bad movies.

Consider us very excited.


Apr 29 2013

Hot Fashion Tip! Celebrities Sporting ‘The Obama Fringe’

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titleThis weekend, at the White House Correspondents dinner in Washington DC, US President Barack Obama unveiled his attempt to get some of the First Lady’s goodwill to rub off on him. In front of a room of over a thousand representatives of the press and media, the president revealed images of himself sporting Michelle Obama’s fringe, the same hairdo that had made such a great splash at his second inauguration just months before.

But as two of America’s most prominent style icons, the Obamas will always have the world’s fashionistas waiting for the first signs of their new trend. In fact, it hasn’t been two days and  some of the President’s most famous supporters have already started jumping on the fringe bandwagon. 

Ben AffleckAffleck
Anne Hathaway
Moe from The Three StoogesMoe-Howard
Ed BallsEd-Balls
The MQ-1 Predator DroneMQ-1

Apr 29 2013

Zach Braff Raises $2 Million on Kickstarter for His Movie About Feelings

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Zach-BraffWestern culture is safe for another day: Zach Braff has finally got enough people to give him money to make his next movie thanks to Kickstarter. In just three days, the Garden State director has managed to get online investors to dump over two millions dollars to produce Wish I Was Here, a script he wrote with his brothe, Adam.

He describes the film as a comedic drama about a man searching for his identity and purpose in life when his dire financial situation forces him to start home-schooling his children.  According to the Kickstarter page, it will feature fantasy sequences and scenes that take place in Comic-Con. Braff admits that he did have options to fund the picture through the studio system but suggested it would mean that he wouldn’t be able to retain final cut, nor cast Jim Parsons — a man who is only one of the most popular sitcom actors on TV.

While it’s good to see that fans are now given the opportunity to fund the kind of art they want to see, we only hope that Kickstarter doesn’t just turn into a place where Hollywood folk can come and leverage their celebrity in order to fund pretentious pet projects. Hopefully, famous actors won’t completely drown out the voices of unknown artists who actually need money to get their stuff made. But then again, a young talented film-maker working out of a garage in Swindon isn’t able to offer you things signed by Zach Braff, so why should you help him/her?

If the online crowd-sourcing  service becomes a place where millionaires go to get free money, then something will truly be wrong with this world.

But if you really loved Garden State and would still like to contribute to the production, you can head over to his page right here. But only if you must.

Apr 29 2013

The 7 Best Animal Sidekicks (Drawn With Microsoft Paint)

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In Ang Lee’s Academy Award-winning film The Life of Pi, the title character is cast adrift on a lifeboat with only a live Bengal tiger to keep him company. Though at first Pi fears for his life, he and the tiger soon learn to respect each other and become friends of sorts. In effect, Pi became the hero of his own story, with the tiger becoming his sidekick.
We went around the office this week and asked the movie fans here at blinkbox to draw us a picture of their favourite animal sidekicks using Microsoft Paint. This is what we got back…

1. Richard Parker (Life of Pi)

2. Willy the Orca (Free Willy)Free-Willy

3. Scooby Doo (Scooby Doo)

4. Clyde the Orangutan (Any Which Way But Loose)Clyde

5. Roger Rabbit (Who Framed Roger Rabbit?)Roger-Rabbit-Small

6. Baloo the Bear (The Jungle Book)Jungle-Book

7. Gromit (Wallace and Gromit)Wallace-and-Gromit

Life of Pi is now available to rent and buy from blinkbox

Apr 28 2013

“There’s always room for more Pi!” New Releases Monday 29th April

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Life of Pi     Life-of-Pi Winner of the most awards at this year’s Oscar, Ang Lee’s adaptation of the best-selling novel was one of the most beautiful films from last year. Whilst travelling on a cargo ship to America, the son of an India zookeeper is cast away on a life raft with a deadly Bengal tiger.  It’s an epic story of survival that features some of the most vivid visual effects ever.  If you didn’t manage to catch it in the cinema, now’s your chance!

The Impossible The-Impossible
Naomi Watts puts in one of the finest performances of her career in this real-life tale of tragedy and triumph. Set in Thailand during that fateful December in 2004, it tells the story of a British family split apart when the tsunami hits the beachfront resort where they’re staying. Films about true disasters are a bit of a hard sell, I would imagine, but this is an incredibly strong film that you should really consider checking out.  Ewan McGregor co-stars as Wait’s husband and in one central scene, he’ll remind you how he became a film star in the first place. Check this movie out, we implore you.

The Oranges     OrangesA post-House Hugh Laurie stars as a suburban father who makes things weird when he starts sleeping with his best friend’s daughter. Don’t worry, though: she’s over 18 so everything is above board. Everyone around him is not cool with it though: his wife Catherine Keener takes the infidelity as a sign that their marriage is not going so well. It’s a sweet comedy-of -sorts that isn’t really as sordid as the synopsis makes it sound. Watch out for a great supporting cast of TV exiles that includes The West Wing’s Allison Janney, Arrested Development’s Alia Shawkat and Adam Brody from The OC (“don’t call it that”).


Scott Speedman plays Edwin Boyd, a real-life figure Canadian criminal-turned-folk hero. Driven to robbing banks after the war, Boyd soon picks up fame and notoriety while slowly drifting away from his loving family. This being a Canadian crime movie, it’s a lot more polite than your average gangster flick. Watch out for British actress Kelly Reilly, who we last saw as the female lead in Flight. and as Watson’s wife in Sherlock Holmes.

It’s like a goofy, direct to video version of American Gangster! Ving Rhames stars as a mob boss reminiscing on his career in organised crime. There are lines like “It’s 1975, baby!” to help the audience understand that they’re watching a flashback. There’s also some retro-sex appeal from Jackie Brown star Pam Grier. Pedants may dispute film’s title as inaccurate (Mafia should only refer to Italian mobsters) but you can’t deny Rhames’ star power!

Being Flynn
Listless 20-something Paul Dano is an aspiring writer who, by chance reunites with his long-absent father (Robert De Niro), a man who considers himself one of the greatest writers in American history. De Niro puts in one of his most acclaimed performances in over a decade, echoing his turn in Silver Linings Playbooks as a father whose relationship with his son is strained by mental illness and years of neglect. It’s good to see him at the top of his game again.

My Awkward Sexual Adventure Awkward-Sexual
When the girlfriend of a conservative accountant tells him that he’s terrible in bed, he seeks out the help of a stripper (with a heart of gold) to help him improve in the bedroom department. This being a raunchy Canadian sex comedy, it’s a lot more polite than its American counterparts. It’s actually a pretty sweet romantic comedy with only the slightest tinge of smut.

12 in a Box
According the blurb, it’s ‘the laugh-out-loud story of 12 former school friends’ unforgettable reunion’. And according to the artwork, it stars TV’s Miranda Hart, which is a little misleading. Presumably made before she made it big, Hart only plays a small part in this comedy that sees a group of people brought to a remote country house. They are promised a million pounds each… if they can only stay together for 90 hours! Hilarity ensues!

For more of the latest films, check out our New Releases section

Apr 26 2013

‘LA Confidential’ TV Sequel in the Pipeline?

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Image-TemplateCome back to Los Angeles in the 1950s. The sun shines bright, the beaches are wide and inviting, and the orange groves stretch as far as the eye can see. It’s also the world of James Ellroy, where good guys are good, where women can look like movie stars for a price and where very little separates a pimp from a legitimate businessman.

Many of Ellroy’s novels about the City of Angels have been adapted into film, most notably 1997′s LA Confidential: a sprawling crime epic that is one of the decade’s finest movies. And now, according to Deadline, Ellroy is shopping around his own script for a television sequel that will see a return to that sleazy, sexy world. With more stories of corruption and celebrity intrigue, the show would presumably follow the stories of straight-edge cop Lt Ed Exley and his love for following rules and completing paperwork.

Keen-minded readers will know that this isn’t the first time that the studios have tried to make an LA Confidential TV series. In the late 90s, there was a pilot made with Kiefer Sutherland playing Jack Vincennes (Kevin Spacey in the film). The show wasn’t picked up, but the pilot made its way to the DVD package of the movie:

If Ellroy’s script does make it into production, it will find itself in competition next year with L.A. Noir, Frank Darabont’s upcoming police series set in the same time period. But apart from the fact that his script exists, there’s very little known about the details of Ellroy’s show.

Everything else is off the record, on the Q.T. and very hush-hush.

Apr 25 2013

10 Reasons Why Jack Nicholson is STILL the Coolest Man in Hollywood

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If you don’t think he’s cool, you don’t know Jack.

1. He has been nominated for an acting Oscar in every decade since the 60s.Oscar

2. He still has the world’s least assuring smile   Jack-Smile


3. He’s almost been ejected from his courtside seats at Los Angeles Lakers games on numerous occasionsLakers
4. He actually used to work as a volunteer fire fighter, so you KNOW he’s pretty handy with an axe.Axe
5. He once directed himself in a sequel to ‘Chinatown’Two-Jakes
6. He still knows how to party LIKE A BOWSEParty-Boat
7. He is the only actor with a small army of celebrity doppelgangers.Doppelganger
8. At the age of 76, he can still get a reaction from the ladies:


9. He’s had the same hair-do for almost half a century. Like some sort of honey badger, he don’t give a s***.Hair

10. Apart from the Blues Brothers, he’s the only man who can pull off the ‘indoor sunglasses at night’ look. Shades


Apr 25 2013

Competition: Win an iPad Mini!

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WarnerBros2_LargeNOTE: This competition is now closed

As Warner Bros. marks their 90th anniversary, we’re celebrating this incredible milestone by offering you the chance to win an iPad mini!

All you have to do is to guess all the movies from the single letters that we’ve taken from their posters in the graphic above. There are thirteen films in total (one for every letter in ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’) and each one of them is a Warner Bros. classic.

If you’re really stumped, you can click here for some extra clues.

Send your entries in to competitions@blinkbox.com by the end of Monday and you could be in with a chance to win. Good luck!

(Click here for terms and conditions)

Update (Friday, 3rd May — 15:43): Thanks for all your entries – we were very impressed by the sheer number of you that managed to work the answers out. We’ve contacted the winner already by email, so if your name is Hannah O, you may wish to  check your inbox.

For the rest of you, here are the answers:

H – Harry Potter (any of them)

A – The Matrix

P – Happy Feet

P – The Departed

Y – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

B – Horrible Bosses

I – Inception

R – Argo

T – The Hobbit

H – The Shining

D – The Dark Knight

A – Goodfellas (That was Downton Abbey writer Julian Fellowes with a halo)

Y – The Bodyguard

Apr 25 2013

Exclusive: Tom Cruise’s CV!

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Cruise-CVDid you ever wonder if you had what it took to be an international action hero? Well here’s your chance to compare notes with one of the best in the business. Take out your CV and line it up next to Tom Cruise’s CV — if your qualifications don’t match up, you need not apply…


Jack Reacher is now available on blinkbox