Mar 20

ZOMG! ‘Iron Man 3′ Theatrical Poster

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You know, it’s only mid-March now, but the summer blockbuster season is actually little over a month away. You want proof? Well, if we could direct your attention to the latest poster for Marvel’s Iron Man 3 (in cinemas on May 3rd in the US):

In an explosion of potential plot spoilers, Marvel has packed an awful lot of information into one poster. We see Robert Downey Jr‘s Iron Man suit in an advanced state of disrepair, a sneering Guy Pearce  and Sir Ben Kingsley sitting on a throne, wearing aviators like some kind of Uday Hussein lookalike. On top of that, there’s also the fleet of Stark’s Iron Men that we caught a glimpse of in the last trailer.

Hopefully there will still be a surprise or two left for the paying audience!


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