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Twi-Lights Out for K-Stew? What’s next for the stars of Twilight…

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The Twilight Saga is over now. The last film has finally hit the home video market and there are no solid rumours of any more sequels being made. However, the possibility of a Twilight follow-up set a few hundred years in the future cannot be precluded. Or an Alien vs Predator-style mash-up with the Underworld series that sees Michael Sheen pull double duty.

But barring this eventuality, the franchises’ stars have been cast out into the wilderness to fend for themselves in the wolf-eat-wolf world of Hollywood casting. The top three stars have already made tracks into other projects, with varying degrees of success. Like the stars of the Harry Potter, they realise that their next few films will have an enormous impact on the rest of their careers. Let’s have a look at what lies ahead for Edward, Bella and Jacob…

Robert PattinsonThe Artist Formerly Known as R-Patz has been made some savvy moves with the Twilight success, insomuch as he’s selected interesting roles like his Potter co-star Daniel Radcliffe. Aware of the ephemeral nature of being a young heartthrob, he seems to be only taking projects that will improve his reputation somewhat. By leveraging his clout while he still has a lot of it, Pattinson has managed to collaborate with respected auteur David Cronenberg and scored a role in Australian director David Michod’s follow-up to Animal Kingdom.

According to IMDb, he’s also going to play T.E. Lawrence opposite Naomi Watts in Werner Herzog’s upcoming film about British polymath Gertrude Bell. Should he prove himself to be a performer of any range and also not implode under the pressures of being Robert Pattinson, his long term prospects are looking very strong indeed.

He would like to be the next… Christian Bale. His roles in Cosmopolis and a Werner Herzog joint almost mirror Bale’s turns in American Psycho and Herzog’s Rescue Dawn.

He is the next… Matt Dillon. He may turn into a dependable lead actor who can always find work in interesting independent projects. After Twilight, lord knows he won’t have to take any job just to make rent.


Taylor Lautner

If there’s one star whose long-term prospects are in question, it’s Taylor Lautner. 2011’s Abduction tried to mould him as a teenage Jason Bourne with undeniably mixed results. He’s certainly a buff young dude girls enjoy looking; and when it comes to being a physical performer, Abduction showed that he had some real competence in doing his own stunts. But having a six-pack and a jawline can only take you so far: unless he fines another meaningful role in the next year or two, he might as well re-name himself Mark-Paul Gosselaar.

He would like to be the next… Matt Damon. He can probably see himself as a soulful action star.

He will be the next… Marc Singer, star of 1982’s The Beastmaster. He could very well make a decent living in direct to video action films but he simply doesn’t have the charisma to act in major features.


Kristen StewartKristen Stewart has tried to mix things up in between her commitments to Twilight. Just last year, she starred in On the Road and summer hit Snow White and the Huntsman. She’s certainly a beautiful young woman with a strong screen presence but that probably won’t hack it if she’s to have any career longevity. The Hollywood studios are particularly unforgiving when it comes to women.

Now… can you name any of your female crushes from the 80s who were working by the end of the 90s? Winona Ryder was the Gen-X It Girl in her Heathers/Edward Scissorhands days but she hasn’t led a single major motion picture this century.

Actresses who have enjoyed longer careers tend to be the ones who are comfortable at home with comedy.

Drew Barrymore and Sandra Bullock have seen careers stretch from the 80s into to the modern day. Barrymore has a string of hit rom-coms under her belt like Never Been Kissed and 50 First Dates. Similarly, Bullock is perhaps the most successful actress of all time and continues to thrive because she can come off well even in the crummiest romantic comedy, should she care to.

Kate Hudson took a stab at a rom-com with How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. She wasn’t particularly good in it and we don’t remember her in anything since.

Even beloved dramatic actresses like Meryl Streep and Susan Sarandon have been great in comedies and it’s kept their careers strong between tougher films. They understand that all of their movies can’t be Sophie’s Choice.

For Kristen Stewart, this doesn’t bode well.  She can only play surly young teenagers for so long. No-one is deluded enough to think that she can star in a comedy in the way Emma Stone can. Her public persona is kind of indolent and painfully shy and that could be part of why people have taken a shine to her as Bella: it doesn’t seem like acting as much as it is an extension of her personality. But if she wants to continue being a highly paid movie star, she can’t really be a tortured introvert anymore. There has never been a female Brando or James Dean: the idea of a woman troubled by some inner turmoil would have been too much for studios. It’s a terrible double standard for women, but that’s the unfortunate nature of show business.

And on top of all of that, she’s recently had a strong taste of tabloid controversy. Even if her acting career starts declining, as long as she lives in Los Angeles or New York, she will always be hounded by the paparazzi.

She would like to be the next… Glenn Close, a much respected actress whose private life is untouched by the media.

She will be the next… Phoebe Cates, the girl everyone had a crush on but then disappeared from the limelight altogether.

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