Mar 21

Danny Boyle’s new trailer will hypnotise you into watching ‘Trance’

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“You are getting very sleepy… You will head to your local cineplex and fork out the GDP of a developing nation for two tickets and a large popcorn… You will watch….TRANCE”

Almost 9 months after becoming a bona fide national treasure for his part in creating the Olympic opening ceremony, Danny Boyle will unveil his newest London-based project. Namely: Trance, a tense psychological thriller that circles around the worlds of hypnotism and crime.

James McAvoy plays an art auctioneer who becomes mixed up with criminals Rosario Dawson and Vincent Cassel who are trying to get him to recover a lost painting by using the Dark Art of the Mind. The trailer makes it look like a Scanners-esque digital nightmare: the kind of movie David Cronenberg would be making — if he were still in the business of making David Cronenberg movies. And like last week’s Welcome to the Punch, it’s another film that casts London as a grimy city of the future: all reflective surfaces and skyscrapers.

Boyle’s on a bit of a hot streak right now. Aside from his triumph at London 2012, his last two films were feted at the Oscars while 2007′s Sunshine was merely one of the best science-fiction films in the past 20 years. Working again with his Trainspotting screenwriter John Hodge, there’s no reason whatsoever to think that Trance will be anything less than good.

Trance is in cinemas next Friday 27th March

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