Mar 22

The first Ninja Turtle cast! Now only three to go (plus one Splinter)

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In a piece a news that will render all children of the 80s unable to process how they feel about it, the upcoming Michael Bay-produced Ninja Turtles movie has found it’s first cast member. According to Deadline, the role of Raphael (cool, but rude) will be going to Alan Ritchson.


Well, a little poke around the internet will reveal that Ritchson is an actor who’s set to appear in this year’s Hunger Games sequel as a rival tribute. His previous on-screen credits have included a stint on Smallville as Aquaman, where he was called upon to be buff. And buff he is: Ritchson’s career started off in the fashion world, where he worked as an underwear model for Abercrombie and Fitch (those high street connoisseurs of buff dudes).

Keen-eyed film fans may also recognise his square jaw and chiseled abs from Robert ZemeckisBeowulf. In that film, he served as the character model for the title character, which was then animated from a performance capture by one-pack actor Ray Winstone. In a strange turn of events, Ritchson will be not be physically in the Turtles film, but instead be providing a motion-capture performance. One can only imagine a lost Charlie Kaufman film in which Ray Winstone performance captures Ritchson performance capturing Raphael, who is in turn operating a marionette of Ray Winstone.

Look, we’re being somewhat unfair: we’ve never seen Ritchson act. He could turn out to be the new Olivier for all we know. So let’s remain cautiously optimistic that Michael Bay knows what he’s doing. After all, he’s never disappointed us, right?

[source: Deadline]

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