Mar 15 2013

Watch: Alan Partridge Movie Teaser Trailer!

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Well, it’s been a long time coming but at last we ‘re getting a tiny look at what to expect from the Alan Partridge Movie!

In this custom-shot teaser, we see Partridge (Steve Coogan) and his Radio Norfolk Digital cohorts (Tim Key and Dustin Demri-Burns) discuss potential movie titles. What they end up with is not bad — but it’s not exactly Monkey Tennis, either.

The Alan Partridge movie is coming to cinemas in August this year. Ah-ha!

Mar 14 2013

Sheen and Lohan’s Close Encounter in ‘Scary Movie 5′ Trailer

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Here’s good news for the remaining fans of the Scary Moviefranchise: the trailer for the 5th entry has dropped and it contains peeks at the kind of spoofs, gross-out jokes and cameos you can expect from the upcoming movie.

It looks to contain as many non sequitur appearances from B-list celebs: Snoop Dogg Lion rocks up and gets kicked in the nuts and Charlie Sheen is found in bed with Lindsay Lohan before he gets his junk mashed by a door.

The story will undoubtedly make no sense, seeing as how it will be assembled from pastiches of recent films like Mama, Paranormal Activity and The Hunger Games. It also seems to joyfully rip-off the upcoming Evil Dead remake, which isn’t even released until next month! This leads us to think that this isn’t a satire at all as a much it’s a cynical attempt to cash in on popular films! How dare they besmirch the reputation of Scary Movie with this sort of behaviour!

The best piece of news, however, is that the talented Anna Faris managed to get out being in this sequel. She’s was seemingly forced to appear in every other Scary Movie since 2000 — a curse she has now passed on to Ashley Tisdale, who will henceforth be know as  ‘that poor girl’.

Scary Movie 5 will hit UK cinemas 12 April. Book your tickets now!

Mar 13 2013

NSFW: Red Band ‘Kick Ass 2′ Trailer drops!

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Watch out! This trailer is particularly saucy with its language!

One of the unexpected hits of 2010, Kick Ass was exactly what the super hero genre needed at the time: a funny, goofy but hard-hitting pastiche of superhero culture. From this trailer, we’re getting a taste of what to expect from the sequel. Namely: more action, more stars and more filthy language from Chloë Grace Moretz‘s awesome tweenage assassin, Hit Girl.

Joining the cast is Jim Carrey as an ex-Mafia born again ‘superhero’ named Colonel Stars and Stripes, who looks unlike any character he’s ever played.

With the original’s director Matthew Vaughn having stepped back from the sequel in order to pursue other interests, some guy name Jeff Wadlow is pulling double duty as writer and director on this joint. While it’s not necessarily a good sign to see this being made by a relative unknown, the footage in the trailer is pretty encouraging. So let’s give him a chance, why don’t we?

Kick Ass 2 hits cinemas this July


Mar 13 2013

“Yeah, Brackie!” Stallone drops Jackie Chan ‘Expendables 3′ casting hints!

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Hot on the heels of last year’s Expendables 2 and the recent Bullet to the Head, Sylvester Stallone has taken to Twitter to assure his public that another expendables is in the pipeline. Adding fuel to the rumour that he entered into a pact with a witch in the 70s that means he can never stop working or else he’ll die, Stallone dropped little hints that could potentially provide real insight into his writing process.

From this first hint, we can see that Stallone’s very much a family man. But on the other hand, he has trouble separating tweets about his family from the exciting news that he’s writing another screenplay. His daughters will be please to know that when their daddy takes them out riding, he’s probably still thinking of fun ways to kill Gary Busey.

In this one, the fact that he wrote ‘new’ in capitals suggests that he’s going to can some of the existing Expendables. Maybe getting Nicolas Cage is turning out to be a lot more expensive than he’d previously hoped – to keep his war chest full, maybe he’s having transfer big name players like Arnie to a rival squad, like the upcoming RED sequel. Plus it’s really adorable how he assumes fans were taking the first two Expendables movies seriously. Hopefully, ‘more humor’ in EX3 doesn’t translate to ‘more meathead macho antics’.

“Slam, Seagal! You’re not getting in on MY movie!” This was definitely to be expected. The rest of the cast are in pretty great shape for guys averaging 55 years of age. Steven Seagal, on the other hand, looks like a fat mess with stick-on ponytail. But when it comes to bringing the humour, you can’t go far wrong with Jackie Chan (Brackie!).

Ah, so the new blood he’s looking for will the in the form of a smart, intelligent young actor Stallone can stuff in the Expendables’ remote command headquarters. Will there be scenes where he’s hacking into an enemy computer system? Or will he mostly stare at green maps and shouting cliches like “Abort! Pull out!” or “Are you guys insane!”

Plus a new “funny ,tough,REAL”  young woman? Please, Sylvester: you’re never going to attract that kind of classy lady if you insisting on flouting the basic rules of punctuation!

In any case, consider us thoroughly teased.

No date has been set from the release of Expendables 3, but expect it to land sooner than you think. They can’t afford to wait around and let their stars get even older.



Mar 13 2013

Adam Sandler to woo Drew Barrymore on film… again!

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Having taken her on 50 First Dates already in their last film, Adam Sandler has decided to ask Drew Barrymore out for just one more comedy-date in a movie that will bring the duo together for the third time.  According to Variety, the story will involve the two of them going on a terrible first date only to end up stuck on a family resort with their kids from previous marriages!

Sandler has been stuck in a rut of late, alternating crass family films (Jack and Jill) with crass frat boy movies (That’s My Boy). But if anything, the Barrymore reunion bodes well, as their previous collaborations have been some of Sandler’s better, sweeter comedies.

The as-yet-untitled film will be directed by Frank Coraci who also directed both Sandler and Barrymore in The Wedding Singer. God knows when it will hit the cinema but in the meantime, let’s remember this:

[Source: Variety]

Mar 13 2013

Review: Maniac

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Maybe it’s a sign of getting older, but there was a time when nothing used to faze us. We liked our horror movies to be as gory as possible. We were of the recent generation when torture porn was the standard in all of our horror movies: Hostel, Human Centipede. Movies like seemed like such a long time ago. Surely horror films couldn’t get more graphic than that!

How wrong we were.

Maniac is perhaps the most overtly graphic horror film of recent recollection.

It stars Elijah Wood as a disturbed young man who works restores antique shop mannequins. We never find out who his customers are or from whence he gets his income but we do have a pretty good understanding of how he spends his evenings: he follows young women back to their homes and he mutilates them in the most appalling ways. When he encounters a beautiful young photographer who seems to connect with him, Wood grows confused and we become worried. There is only one way this can end.

The big twist is that almost the entire film is shot from Wood’s first person perspective where we can also hear his thoughts. Just imagine an episode of Peep Show where Mark cuts Dobby open with a hunting knife. The effect is undeniably powerful — it doesn’t cut away from the horror and we are made to witness every gruesome moment like some Clockwork Orange experiment. It’s as though we are being held hostage and forced to comply with his horrific acts.

It’s obviously a very capable film, made by people with love of the serial killer genre. There are definite references to Psycho and one scene where a victim plays Goodbye Horses on her stereo (best known as that song from Silence of the Lambs where he tucks his junk between his legs). But there’s a much deeper connection to 1960’s Peeping Tom. Directed by the revered British film maker Michael Powell, Peeping Tom was about a seemingly mild young man (Carl Boehm) who murders young women and films it with a handheld camera. It was a psychologically complex thriller that proved too challenging for the mainstream audiences of the day. It revealed the character’s tortured past in a way that gave us insight into why he became a serial killer. The power of the movie comes from Powell’s ability to make us sympathise with a true monster.

You get the feeling that writer/producer Alexandre Aja (Switchblade Romance) and director Franck Khalfoun wanted to go for the same effect. The only problem is that there was never any point in the film where we didn’t think Elijah Wood was about to kill a woman. And when he wasn’t killing women, he was doing mad stuff like talking to bloody mannequins. Though they try to fit in a love story of sorts, none of it sinks in enough for us to believe their emotional connection — we were probably distracted by all the scalping taking place.

Over the 90 minute run time, you will bear witness to a lot of brutality violence and you will leave the cinema feeling like you’ve just watched 10 snuff films back to back.  For what it tries to achieve, Maniac is probably a four star film but one that is really tough to recommend. If it sounds like something that will intrigue you, then by all means watch it. If you have anything less than the strongest of constitutions when it comes to blood, we recommend you give the film a wide berth.

Maniac is in cinemas this Friday. You have been warned.

Mar 12 2013

Twi-Lights Out for K-Stew? What’s next for the stars of Twilight…

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The Twilight Saga is over now. The last film has finally hit the home video market and there are no solid rumours of any more sequels being made. However, the possibility of a Twilight follow-up set a few hundred years in the future cannot be precluded. Or an Alien vs Predator-style mash-up with the Underworld series that sees Michael Sheen pull double duty.

But barring this eventuality, the franchises’ stars have been cast out into the wilderness to fend for themselves in the wolf-eat-wolf world of Hollywood casting. The top three stars have already made tracks into other projects, with varying degrees of success. Like the stars of the Harry Potter, they realise that their next few films will have an enormous impact on the rest of their careers. Let’s have a look at what lies ahead for Edward, Bella and Jacob…

Robert PattinsonThe Artist Formerly Known as R-Patz has been made some savvy moves with the Twilight success, insomuch as he’s selected interesting roles like his Potter co-star Daniel Radcliffe. Aware of the ephemeral nature of being a young heartthrob, he seems to be only taking projects that will improve his reputation somewhat. By leveraging his clout while he still has a lot of it, Pattinson has managed to collaborate with respected auteur David Cronenberg and scored a role in Australian director David Michod’s follow-up to Animal Kingdom.

According to IMDb, he’s also going to play T.E. Lawrence opposite Naomi Watts in Werner Herzog’s upcoming film about British polymath Gertrude Bell. Should he prove himself to be a performer of any range and also not implode under the pressures of being Robert Pattinson, his long term prospects are looking very strong indeed.

He would like to be the next… Christian Bale. His roles in Cosmopolis and a Werner Herzog joint almost mirror Bale’s turns in American Psycho and Herzog’s Rescue Dawn.

He is the next… Matt Dillon. He may turn into a dependable lead actor who can always find work in interesting independent projects. After Twilight, lord knows he won’t have to take any job just to make rent.


Taylor Lautner

If there’s one star whose long-term prospects are in question, it’s Taylor Lautner. 2011’s Abduction tried to mould him as a teenage Jason Bourne with undeniably mixed results. He’s certainly a buff young dude girls enjoy looking; and when it comes to being a physical performer, Abduction showed that he had some real competence in doing his own stunts. But having a six-pack and a jawline can only take you so far: unless he fines another meaningful role in the next year or two, he might as well re-name himself Mark-Paul Gosselaar.

He would like to be the next… Matt Damon. He can probably see himself as a soulful action star.

He will be the next… Marc Singer, star of 1982’s The Beastmaster. He could very well make a decent living in direct to video action films but he simply doesn’t have the charisma to act in major features.


Kristen StewartKristen Stewart has tried to mix things up in between her commitments to Twilight. Just last year, she starred in On the Road and summer hit Snow White and the Huntsman. She’s certainly a beautiful young woman with a strong screen presence but that probably won’t hack it if she’s to have any career longevity. The Hollywood studios are particularly unforgiving when it comes to women.

Now… can you name any of your female crushes from the 80s who were working by the end of the 90s? Winona Ryder was the Gen-X It Girl in her Heathers/Edward Scissorhands days but she hasn’t led a single major motion picture this century.

Actresses who have enjoyed longer careers tend to be the ones who are comfortable at home with comedy.

Drew Barrymore and Sandra Bullock have seen careers stretch from the 80s into to the modern day. Barrymore has a string of hit rom-coms under her belt like Never Been Kissed and 50 First Dates. Similarly, Bullock is perhaps the most successful actress of all time and continues to thrive because she can come off well even in the crummiest romantic comedy, should she care to.

Kate Hudson took a stab at a rom-com with How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. She wasn’t particularly good in it and we don’t remember her in anything since.

Even beloved dramatic actresses like Meryl Streep and Susan Sarandon have been great in comedies and it’s kept their careers strong between tougher films. They understand that all of their movies can’t be Sophie’s Choice.

For Kristen Stewart, this doesn’t bode well.  She can only play surly young teenagers for so long. No-one is deluded enough to think that she can star in a comedy in the way Emma Stone can. Her public persona is kind of indolent and painfully shy and that could be part of why people have taken a shine to her as Bella: it doesn’t seem like acting as much as it is an extension of her personality. But if she wants to continue being a highly paid movie star, she can’t really be a tortured introvert anymore. There has never been a female Brando or James Dean: the idea of a woman troubled by some inner turmoil would have been too much for studios. It’s a terrible double standard for women, but that’s the unfortunate nature of show business.

And on top of all of that, she’s recently had a strong taste of tabloid controversy. Even if her acting career starts declining, as long as she lives in Los Angeles or New York, she will always be hounded by the paparazzi.

She would like to be the next… Glenn Close, a much respected actress whose private life is untouched by the media.

She will be the next… Phoebe Cates, the girl everyone had a crush on but then disappeared from the limelight altogether.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 is now available at blinkbox


Mar 11 2013

JJ Abrams and the Art of the Tease: ANOTHER Star Trek Trailer

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Like Rita Hayworth in the 1946 classic Gilda, director JJ Abrams has found a way to drive men crazy with the way he slowly reveals his goods… piece-by-aching-piece. And by goods, we mean shots of his upcoming film Star Trek into Darkness.

For over half a decade,  Abrams has been making an art form out of the teaser trailer. His teasers for Cloverfield sent fan boys everywhere into fits of fascination; squirming in their office chairs under the unbearable anticipation of seeing ‘JJ’s monster’.

And NOW with the rippling mass of Star Trek teasers we’ve been entreated to, he seems to have taken his alluring trailer routine to the next level. While his first few trailers featured a purring Benedict Cumberbatch voice-over that gave every Trekkie a case of hot flushes, this latest one is all about showcasing the lighter side of Trek, with jokes like Simon Pegg coming face-to-face with a giant slippery fish.

But don’t you worry, JJ knows that nobody really comes to Star Trek for the laughs. That’s why there’s still a little something for daddy in this trailer: explosions, shots of water running of the firm steely fuselage of the Enterprise and a glossy sequence where Spock dives headfirst into a pit of molten lava ( and you all know what that  means).

How Abrams gets away with this filth, we’ll never know.

The film doesn’t come out for months but we’ll surely be treated to more intriguing glimpses of teaser material before we get the opportunity to stick £8-£13 in Abrams’ figurative garter belt. Star Trek in to Darkness hits cinemas on the  17th of May.

And now you know there’s a reason why they call it a release…

Mar 11 2013

Who Wants to Live Forever? New Releases Monday 11 March 2013

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The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2The end is nigh. Last time we saw young Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart), she had violently given birth to Edward’s vampire daughter. In order to save her life during childbirth, Edward bites into his bride, transforming her swan-like (payoff!) into an immortal creature of the night. In the epic finale of the saga, the pair of them must protect their progeny from the clutches of the Volturi, a powerful coven of vampires led by Michael Sheen. If you’ve seen all of the others, you’re probably going to watch this. If you have never watched a single Twilight film, you probably shouldn’t start with this one.

The HuntFrom the director of Dogme hit Festen, this new film stars Mads Mikkelsen as a small town teacher whose entire existence starts unravelling when he’s wrongfully accused of inappropriate behaviour. The subject matter may seem grim in the current climate of institutional child abuse but under the masterful direction of Thomas Vintenberg, The Hunt  is a tough, thrilling and scarily real social drama.

ComedownAdam Deacon and his mates break into an abandoned tower block where once lived and rig up a pirate radio station. After broadcasting a bit and getting high on marijuana cigarettes, they realise they’re not the only ones in the building. Hunted down by the resident psycho, the group resolves to fight back. “No one knows this place better than we do!” Deacon asserts at one point — although it’s tough to know what he means. Aren’t those tower blocks pretty much all identical? From the director of Kidulthood, Comedown (wordplay!) feels very much like a British take on Eli Roth’s Hostel, so it might not be suited to everyone’s tastes. Check out the trailer first:

The Year Dolly Parton Was My Mum11 year-old Elizabeth discovers that she was adopted at a young age and starts wondering about where she came from. Led on by her active imagination, she begins to imagine that her real mother is Dolly Parton and she runs away in search of the Country Queen. As you might expect, the film features a ton of music from the Parton back catalog – which, in our books, automatically makes it at least 30% better.

For British audiences, the title was changed to swap the word ‘Mom’ out for ‘Mum’ just like with Serial Mom and The Mommy 3: Curse of the Jade President

GaybyJenn is a yoga instructor in her thirties whose biological clock has started ticking like mad. Desperate to start a family, she enters into a pact with her gay best friend to have a baby ‘the old fashioned way’. Gayby (a portmanteau of ‘gay baby’) won loads of accolades when it premiered at South by Southwest last year and it enjoys an incredibly strong 90% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Unlike so many other alternative rom-coms, it’s actually very funny: the trailer itself has more laugh-out-loud moments than a handful of studio comedies we could name. Check it out:

Watch Gayby here

Small Town Murder SongsWith a title that sounds like a Leonard Cohen album, this Canadian crime-thriller stars Prison Break’s Peter Stormare as an aging cop in a remote rural town. When he’s called on to investigate the murder of a local girl, he’s confronted with the truth of his own violent past. Think Winter’s Bone with a dash of Cronenberg’s A History of Violence.  As a bonus, it also stars Martha Plimpton so you can finally find out what Stef from The Goonies looks like at age 40!

AlpsThis is Greek director Yorgos Lanthimos’ follow-up to his Oscar nominated debut Dogtooth. It centres on a strange organisation of people that aim to help mourners by impersonating their loving departed. Alps shares the same deliberate pacing as Dogtooth and promises to deliver a layered viewing experience. This is definitely a film for those who loved more challenging films.

The Tall ManThis psychological horror film finds Jessica Biel playing a widowed mother in a small town.  When her son goes missing, all signs point to a local urban legend known as ‘The Tall Man’. Why is this tall man abducting children? Does he want to seem even taller by standing next to kids? Can he not reach the lower shelves on his bookcase? There’s only one way to find out the answer!

At Your ServiceWhen the disgruntled employees of a kitschy theme restaurant find out that they’re all about to get the sack, they decide to have one crazy night of sticking it to their horrible customers. Starring a cast of attractive, fresh-faced newbies alongside veteran Canadian actors like Dave Foley and Margot Kidder (Lois Lane!), this looks to be a fun frothy comedy for anyone who’s ever worked in the service industry.

For more of the latest films, check out our New Releases section!

Mar 08 2013

Party like it’s 1599! Joss Whedon’s ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ gets a trailer

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Having made the third-biggest box-office hit of all time, writer-director Joss Whedon has a lot riding on his next feature. Which as it turns out, is this micro-budget adaptation of a Shakespearean comedy.

Apparently shot over 12 days in the wake of his mammoth shoot for The Avengers, his modern dress take on Much Ado About Nothing would seem like a passion project for Whedon: it was filmed almost entirely in his own home starring friends/collaborators/employees that he’s accrued over his years working in television.

So which actors from the Whedonverse can we expect to pop up? Well, taking the lead as Beatrice and Benedick are Amy Acker and Alexis Denisof, both veterans of Angel; there’s Firefly‘s Sean Maher and Nathan Fillion (although Fillion’s now better known as TV’s Castle); and to top it off, you have Fran Kranz and Reed Diamond from heavily under-rated Dollhouse.

In short: nerdgasm.

Joss Whedon’s Much Ado About Nothing is slated for a June 2013 release in the UK. Will it manage to eclipse The Avengers at the box office? We’ll just have to wait and see…