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Watch End of Watch! New Releases Monday 18 March 2013

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End of WatchJake Gyllenhaal and Michael Peña are cops in the notoriously tough South Central district of Los Angeles Police Department. They go about their business, keeping the peace, busting drug dealers and keeping a video log of their entire experience (like everyone seems to be doing these days). Written and directed by David Ayer (Training Day), End of Watch was named by critic Roger Ebert as one of his Top 10 movies of 2012, praising it as one of the best police film in years. From a respected writer such as Ebert, that is a very high compliment indeed.

Silent Hill: RevelationA young amnesiac woman moves to a new town where she befriends a handsome boy from her school (Kit Harington). But when her father (Sean Bean) mysteriously disappears, she must remember her dark past and return to Silent Hill, a town located in an alternate dimension. A sequel to 2006’s Silent Hill, this is based on a popular series of video games and features two stars from Game of Thrones! This is a nerdy film fan’s dream movie!

AmourWorld Cinema legend Michael Haneke is on top form with this meditative drama that won the hearts of critics last year. Nominated for multiple Academy Awards including Best Picture, it is certainly one of the most powerful films of recent memory. Jean-Louis Trintignant and Emmanuelle Riva play a married couple enjoying their twilight years until illness and dementia make them prisoners in their own home. Amour’s central performances are nothing short of magnificent, as is Haneke’s gentle directorial touch. If you ever want proof that cinema is capable of touching hearts and enriching the soul, then you really can’t afford to miss this film.

Fun Size
It’s Superbad for the teenage set in this likable new comedy. Victoria Justice (TV’s Victorious) is a young girl who just wants to go to a house party on Halloween (so that she can mack on a cute guy from school). But when she loses her little brother, she and her best friend have to track him down before her mother finds out! This leads them on an exciting adventure over the span of a single crazy night. The best friend is played by Jane Levy, who you might see next month as one of the stars of the Evil Dead remake. SPOILER ALERT: in this movie, she doesn’t sever any arms at all.

The Bay
Another week, another found footage horror movie; but The Bay could very well be the first movie of the genre to be made by an Academy Award-winning director. Barry Levinson (Good Morning, Vietnam) steps firmly out of his comfort zone in delivering this horrifying story about a parasite infection that spreads panic through a coastal community. The reviews have been good and with Levinson’s pedigree, The Bay is certainly a cut above the rest of the found footage pack.

Alien Dawn
“The chances of anything coming from Mars was a million-to-one, he said!”  Set in the near future of 2012, giant space robots have landed on Earth and have started enslaving the human race. Do the humans just lie down and accept defeat? Hell, no! A band of survivors take arms against their oppressors and prove once and for all why the Second Amendment is so important to them. Sic semper tyrannis!

Barbie in the Pink Shoes
This is the latest entry in the highly successful Barbie(tm) direct-to-video movie series. It sees the beloved plastic role model play Kristyn(tm), a young girl who discovers a pair of magical slippers that transforms her into a prima ballerina. Directly inspired by the Hans Christian Anderson’s The Red Shoes, it will probably won’t use that story’s ending in which the girl amputates her own feet to stop them from dancing. But if it does, I’m calling it now: this is the ballsiest family film of the year!

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