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Who Wants to Live Forever? New Releases Monday 11 March 2013

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The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2The end is nigh. Last time we saw young Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart), she had violently given birth to Edward’s vampire daughter. In order to save her life during childbirth, Edward bites into his bride, transforming her swan-like (payoff!) into an immortal creature of the night. In the epic finale of the saga, the pair of them must protect their progeny from the clutches of the Volturi, a powerful coven of vampires led by Michael Sheen. If you’ve seen all of the others, you’re probably going to watch this. If you have never watched a single Twilight film, you probably shouldn’t start with this one.

The HuntFrom the director of Dogme hit Festen, this new film stars Mads Mikkelsen as a small town teacher whose entire existence starts unravelling when he’s wrongfully accused of inappropriate behaviour. The subject matter may seem grim in the current climate of institutional child abuse but under the masterful direction of Thomas Vintenberg, The Hunt  is a tough, thrilling and scarily real social drama.

ComedownAdam Deacon and his mates break into an abandoned tower block where once lived and rig up a pirate radio station. After broadcasting a bit and getting high on marijuana cigarettes, they realise they’re not the only ones in the building. Hunted down by the resident psycho, the group resolves to fight back. “No one knows this place better than we do!” Deacon asserts at one point — although it’s tough to know what he means. Aren’t those tower blocks pretty much all identical? From the director of Kidulthood, Comedown (wordplay!) feels very much like a British take on Eli Roth’s Hostel, so it might not be suited to everyone’s tastes. Check out the trailer first:

The Year Dolly Parton Was My Mum11 year-old Elizabeth discovers that she was adopted at a young age and starts wondering about where she came from. Led on by her active imagination, she begins to imagine that her real mother is Dolly Parton and she runs away in search of the Country Queen. As you might expect, the film features a ton of music from the Parton back catalog – which, in our books, automatically makes it at least 30% better.

For British audiences, the title was changed to swap the word ‘Mom’ out for ‘Mum’ just like with Serial Mom and The Mommy 3: Curse of the Jade President

GaybyJenn is a yoga instructor in her thirties whose biological clock has started ticking like mad. Desperate to start a family, she enters into a pact with her gay best friend to have a baby ‘the old fashioned way’. Gayby (a portmanteau of ‘gay baby’) won loads of accolades when it premiered at South by Southwest last year and it enjoys an incredibly strong 90% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Unlike so many other alternative rom-coms, it’s actually very funny: the trailer itself has more laugh-out-loud moments than a handful of studio comedies we could name. Check it out:

Watch Gayby here

Small Town Murder SongsWith a title that sounds like a Leonard Cohen album, this Canadian crime-thriller stars Prison Break’s Peter Stormare as an aging cop in a remote rural town. When he’s called on to investigate the murder of a local girl, he’s confronted with the truth of his own violent past. Think Winter’s Bone with a dash of Cronenberg’s A History of Violence.  As a bonus, it also stars Martha Plimpton so you can finally find out what Stef from The Goonies looks like at age 40!

AlpsThis is Greek director Yorgos Lanthimos’ follow-up to his Oscar nominated debut Dogtooth. It centres on a strange organisation of people that aim to help mourners by impersonating their loving departed. Alps shares the same deliberate pacing as Dogtooth and promises to deliver a layered viewing experience. This is definitely a film for those who loved more challenging films.

The Tall ManThis psychological horror film finds Jessica Biel playing a widowed mother in a small town.  When her son goes missing, all signs point to a local urban legend known as ‘The Tall Man’. Why is this tall man abducting children? Does he want to seem even taller by standing next to kids? Can he not reach the lower shelves on his bookcase? There’s only one way to find out the answer!

At Your ServiceWhen the disgruntled employees of a kitschy theme restaurant find out that they’re all about to get the sack, they decide to have one crazy night of sticking it to their horrible customers. Starring a cast of attractive, fresh-faced newbies alongside veteran Canadian actors like Dave Foley and Margot Kidder (Lois Lane!), this looks to be a fun frothy comedy for anyone who’s ever worked in the service industry.

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