Mar 11

JJ Abrams and the Art of the Tease: ANOTHER Star Trek Trailer

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Like Rita Hayworth in the 1946 classic Gilda, director JJ Abrams has found a way to drive men crazy with the way he slowly reveals his goods… piece-by-aching-piece. And by goods, we mean shots of his upcoming film Star Trek into Darkness.

For over half a decade,  Abrams has been making an art form out of the teaser trailer. His teasers for Cloverfield sent fan boys everywhere into fits of fascination; squirming in their office chairs under the unbearable anticipation of seeing ‘JJ’s monster’.

And NOW with the rippling mass of Star Trek teasers we’ve been entreated to, he seems to have taken his alluring trailer routine to the next level. While his first few trailers featured a purring Benedict Cumberbatch voice-over that gave every Trekkie a case of hot flushes, this latest one is all about showcasing the lighter side of Trek, with jokes like Simon Pegg coming face-to-face with a giant slippery fish.

But don’t you worry, JJ knows that nobody really comes to Star Trek for the laughs. That’s why there’s still a little something for daddy in this trailer: explosions, shots of water running of the firm steely fuselage of the Enterprise and a glossy sequence where Spock dives headfirst into a pit of molten lava ( and you all know what that  means).

How Abrams gets away with this filth, we’ll never know.

The film doesn’t come out for months but we’ll surely be treated to more intriguing glimpses of teaser material before we get the opportunity to stick £8-£13 in Abrams’ figurative garter belt. Star Trek in to Darkness hits cinemas on the  17th of May.

And now you know there’s a reason why they call it a release…

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