Mar 19

Ian McKellen to MARRY Patrick Stewart!

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LONDON — This week in the world of misleading headlines, Hobbit star and revered stage veteran Ian McKellan has announced that he is to wed his X-Men co-star Patrick Stewart… to Stewart’s fiancee! McKellen further clarified on Jonathan Ross’ ITV chat show this past weekend: “How else do you put that? I’m going to officiate at his wedding.”

This will be nuptual number three for the erstwhile Captain of the Enterprise but as they say in show business (and other cultures prone to platitudes): third time’s the charm. Much has been made of Stewart’s fiancee, jazz singer Sunny Ozell who is 33 years his junior. But after 7 years of Star Trek, three X-Men films, numerous stage accolades and a Knighthood, Stewart can pretty do much whatever he wants, like a BOWSE!

If he wants to marry a woman half his age, he’s more than earned the right to “make it so“.

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