Mar 25

James Franco’s Grandmother implores you to watch ‘Spring Breakers’

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In an effort to capture the Grey Pound, the producers of the upcoming Spring Breakers have a cut a trailer featuring a sterling recommendation from the grandmother of star James Franco. She promises that the movie shows “lots of partying and lots of drinking” before admitting the crushing caveat that it also features toxic levels of James Franco.

Whether or not this statement was made non compos mentis is beside the fact. Spring break doesn’t exist in the UK, so they really need to do whatever they can to get through to the UK markets. And knowing that we’re literally obsessed with our grans, the distributors of Harmony Korine’s Spring Breakers have cannily used an old woman to try sell us a movie about young nubile girls in bikinis who go on a crime spree. The hormonal teenage boys in all of us are so confused right now.

Spring Breakers is in cinemas April 5th


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