Mar 27

Channing Tatum also getting his own White House-set remake of ‘Die Hard’

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Is there a glitch in the Matrix? ‘Cause we’re started to get déjà vu all over again.

In a case of either high-level inter-studio plagiarism or a genuine coincidence (like with A Bugs Life and Antz in 1998), we’re ending up with two films this year that are essentially ‘Die Hard in the White House’. We lucky people.

First there is Olympus Has Fallen, an action film in which Gerard Butler has to save the day when terrorists take over the White House. It opened in the US last weekend to a critical mauling but decent box office success, providing Butler with his first hit since 300.

And now… we have the new trailer for White House Down, an action film in which Channing Tatum has to save the day when terrorists take over the White House. Sound familiar? Check out the trailer:

Directed by Roland Emmerich, the maestro of mayhem who has destroyed Washington DC twice in his career already (Independence Day and The Day After Tomorrow), White House Down also stars Jamie Foxx as President definitely-not-Obama-nudge-nudge-wink-wink. Like all the best presidents in movie history, he will likely get in on the action when the terrorists come a-calling — although he is conspicuously absent from this trailer.

If you want to compare it with Olympus Has Fallen, just check out its trailer here. They’re pretty much like-for-like. The only difference is that the trailer for White House Down takes itself incredibly seriously.

So, which one will you be rushing out to see first?

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