Mar 26

Australia Maintains Position as World’s #1 Exporter of Hemsworth Brothers

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Like the cinematic equivalent of a parent who won’t buy their son a new iPod unless each of his brother gets one as well, the last remaining child of Mrs Hemsworth who hasn’t starred in a Hollywood blockbusters is finally getting a crack at the movie star whip. Luke Hemsworth, brother of Thor star Chris and The Hunger GamesLiam, has scored his first film role as a co-lead in an Australian police thriller.

Co-starring with Jonathan (the appropriately less-famous brother of Anthony) LaPaglia, the eldest Hemsworth is set to star in The Reckoning, playing a cop in search of two missing teenagers. It’s not exactly The Avengers or The Expendables 2, but everyone has to start somewhere. For the sake of future Hemsworth family Christmases, we hope  it turns out to be a big fat hit — if only to make sure Luke doesn’t have to explain to relatives why he still works at an off-license while his baby brothers are living  large under the Californian sun.

[via: Deadline]

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