Mar 13

Adam Sandler to woo Drew Barrymore on film… again!

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Having taken her on 50 First Dates already in their last film, Adam Sandler has decided to ask Drew Barrymore out for just one more comedy-date in a movie that will bring the duo together for the third time.  According to Variety, the story will involve the two of them going on a terrible first date only to end up stuck on a family resort with their kids from previous marriages!

Sandler has been stuck in a rut of late, alternating crass family films (Jack and Jill) with crass frat boy movies (That’s My Boy). But if anything, the Barrymore reunion bodes well, as their previous collaborations have been some of Sandler’s better, sweeter comedies.

The as-yet-untitled film will be directed by Frank Coraci who also directed both Sandler and Barrymore in The Wedding Singer. God knows when it will hit the cinema but in the meantime, let’s remember this:

[Source: Variety]

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