Mar 28

14 Signs That Suggest Your Game of Thrones Obsession Has Gone Too Far

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1. When your suspicions of bald gentlemen prevent you from leaving the house

2. When you’ve taken to naming household objects after the words of your favourite house

3. When you try and pay for your groceries with the iron price

4. When you cross the street rather than having to encounter pregnant women

5. When your craving for suckling pig threatens to disrupt the dinner table

6. When you tried to return an overcoat because it’s not made from boiled wool

7. When you become convinced that your attempts to warg with your dog are finally bearing fruit

8. When you send your all-day breakfast back because your bacon isn’t black enough
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9. When you’ve given up on saying ‘thank you’ because your language doesn’t recognise the term

10. When the police are knocking on your door, asking about the trees in your neighbourhood that appear to have had faces carved into them.

11. When your bathroom cabinet contains at least one vile of Milk of the Poppy
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12. When you start confusing real historical events with those of Westeros

13. When you start mentally dividing new acquaintances by house, and avoiding those you might suspect of being a Lannister

14. When you start recognising the C-Word as a term of endearment

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