Feb 11

Watch ‘Monsters University’ Trailer

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Hot on the tails of the cinematic re-release of Monsters Inc (in 3D, no less), Disney-Pixar have unleashed their first full-length trailer for their upcoming Monsters prequel.

Judging by the trailer, Monsters University is pretty much what the title suggests: set years before the original, we see furry giant Sully (John Goodman) and tiny green eyeball Mike (Billy Crystal) meet as university freshers studying to become professional child-scarers. But it seems that the two of them weren’t always the best of friends…

There looks to be plenty of traditional college movie hi-jinks involved in the proceedings: raucous parties, American Football games and -of course- a rivalry with a richer, snootier fraternity. If it was anything like our university, though, there would be a lot more sleeping and casual drinking in the afternoon.

While we are huge fans of Pixar and adored the original film, we are only cautiously optimistic for Monsters University. After all, studio’s only other sequel came in the form of Cars 2 — which was so bad by Pixar standards that it was easily on a par with a decent Shrek film.

Pixar has an infuriating tradition setting UK release dates long after their US premieres, which means that we won’t have an opportunity to slap eyes on Monster U until July 12th this year. Until then, why not re-watch the excellent Monsters Inc to get your self in the child-scaring mood?

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