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Which museum will have things come alive in it for Night at the Museum 3?

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LOS ANGELES — Twentieth Century Fox have announced that Shawn Levy has signed on to direct a third installment of Night at the Museum starring Ben Stiller. The first two films were overwhelming successes with family audiences, boasting a combined box office gross of around US$1 billion, an amount of money that we know from The Social Network to be cool.

Slated for a Christmas 2014 release, details about the final piece in the Museum triptych have so far been sketchy. Fox has yet to reveal which characters will return and they have given no indication as to which museum it will be set in. The first film saw Stiller work the night shift at New York’s American Museum of Natural History while Part 2 found Stiller tenuously holed up in Washington DC’s Smithsonian Institution.

Both of these establishments enjoyed a significant increase in attendance in the wake of their appearances in the films. No doubt, impressionable young children begged their parents to take them to a museum, only to be disappointed when the exhibits didn’t try to kill them.

So which Museum will get the ‘Stiller Bump’ next year and appear as the centrepiece in NATM3 ? Here are some viable candidates:

British MuseumBen Stiller somehow accidentally falls asleep at the British Museum when on holiday in London. But when he wakes up, he discovers that the world’s greatest stolen relics come to life at night! Cue: Stiller being chased through corridors by the Elgin Marbles and a number of alabaster reliefs.

Madame Tussaud’sBen Stiller is now an Interpol detective, on the trail of an international wax-smuggling ring. His investigation takes him into Madame Tussaud’s where he discovers that –under the cover of night– all the wax displays come to life! Cue: Stiller being chased through corridors by poorly rendered celebrities!

Guggenheim Museum BilbaoWhile spending a week in Basque country to meet the parents of his Spanish fiancée, Ben Stiller takes in a night stroll through the streets of Bilbao. Little does he know that when the sun goes down, the Frank Gehry-designed Guggenheim Museum comes to life! Cue: Stiller being chased through Spain by an enormous deconstructivist Autobot!

Night at the Museum and Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian are both available at blinkbox.

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