Feb 12

New Trailer for Jack The Giant Slayer

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And it looks… terrible!

Bryan Singer, once known for directing great films like The Usual Suspects and X-Men 2 has seemingly announced the latest, suicidal phase of his career. Having somewhat missed the mark with his Superman re-boot, he signed onto this action-adventure about a boy who climbs up a tree.

Originally slated for a release in Summer 2012, Warner Brothers pushed the opening date back by nine entire months. In the film industry, this is never a good omen. It’s usually a sign that the studio has demanded significant re-writes, re-shoots and/or re-edits. If the trailer is their attempt at showcasing their best footage, then they are in some real trouble.

From the awful CGI giants to the painfully generic medieval CGI setting, there’s nothing exceptional in this trailer at all. Even Nicholas Hoult –the About a Boy star who had started to forge a career as a decent actor– looks positively lost amongst all the CG. He seems less like the seasoned performer he is and more like the popular kid who’s been cast in the school play to boost ticket sales. If this doesn’t set his career back by years, we’ll be genuinely surprised.

This preview has all of the tropes of modern trailers including the Inception horn, a couple of ‘funny’ bits and the ‘big moment’ where we hear the giants say ‘Fee-fi-fo-fum” as if  the producers expected fairy tale super-fans to hit the online message boards and go “OMGZZZ!! THEY TOTALLY WENT THERE!”

Jack the Giant Slayer hits cinemas at some point in March. Not that it matters.

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