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Home is Where the Horror is: New Releases Monday 25th Feb 2013

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Paranormal Activity 4Things are about to get even paranormaler with the 4th entry to this incredibly successful horror franchise. It has everything you could possible want and expect from a Paranormal Activity movie: a scene in which someone tenuously sets up video cameras around the house; long stretches of time when we see regular Americans doing regular American things; and some seriously effective moments of terror. So make sure you lay down a plastic sheet and have a fresh pair of underpants before you hit play on this movie.

FrankenweenieTim Burton returns to his roots in animation with this remake of his own short film from 1984. Stricken by grief when his beloved dog is killed in an accident, young Victor Frankenstein finds a way to harness the elements to bring Sparky back to life. Set in a distinct Burton-esque suburbia, the black-and-white visuals and loving references to classic horror films would presumably put off younger viewers. But Burton has in fact delivered his best and most universally appealing film in over a decade. And it also incidentally features neither Johnny Depp nor Helena Bonham Carter. Coincidence? We think not.

Premium RushIn the high-octane chase movie of the year, Joseph Gordon-Levitt stars as… a bicycle courier? That’s right: ol’ JGL plays a cock-sure fixie enthusiast who’s got to keep an envelope from falling into the hands of corrupt cop Michael Shannon (Boardwalk Empire). We don’t know how much preparation went in to the role or whether they used a lot of CGI; but watching this film, we totally believed that Joseph Gordon-Levitt could actually ride a bike!

Hope Springs

Look, none of us want to believe that people over 60 have sex but it’s the truth! In this comedy starring Tommy Lee Jones and Meryl Streep, they play a married couple whose love life has ground to a halt on account of them being so damn old. Enter: marriage counsellor Steve Carell who leads them by the hand into whole new world of physical and emotional satisfaction. If you ever wanted to see Tommy Lee Jones’ craggy face contorted in sexual ecstasy, then this is your chance!

On The RoadOne of the 20th Century’s most celebrated novels finally makes it to the screen in this film adaptation starring Sam Riley, Garrett Hedlund and Kristen Stewart. For fans of Twilight who haven’t read Kerouac’s book, they’ll be glad to know that the story is about 3 vampires who go on a road trip to discover their connection to their feelings and stuff. The only thing is that they never say out loud that they’re vampires. It’s just heavily implied by the subtext.

Rust & BoneMarion Cotillard continues her streak or heartbreaking performances in this French drama from Jacques Audiard, the director of A Prophet. Contrary to early rumours, it’s the story of an unemployed young man who falls in love with a killer whale trainer and not a buddy movie about two cops named Rusty Sinclair and Dr. Bobbi ‘Bones’ Jones. Rust & Bone is an incredibly powerful film that we cannot recommend highly enough. It’s our film of the week! (Just kidding, we love all our films equally)

Reign of AssassinsIn this critically-praised Chinese martial arts film, Michelle Yeoh stars as a retired assassin from the Ming Dynasty who must protect her new husband from her old gang.  Returning to the wuxia genre for the first time since Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, it’s certainly a pleasure to see Yeoh running up walls and dispatching bad guys again. The promotional material claims the film co-directed by John Woo, but apparently his involvement was largely as a producer and an on-set advisor. Sneaky promotional material… try and pull a fast one on us, will you? Still — the action scenes are wonderfully choreographed and the film will prove to be a real treat for casual film fans and Kung-Fu nuts alike.

For A Good Time, CallIt’s The Odd Couple with a sexy twist in this hit Sundance comedy! When an uptight young girl in New York is evicted by her boyfriend, she’s left with no option but to move in with a free-spirited girl she knew in college. But little does she know that her new roommate works as a phone sex operator! Sexy hijinks abound! With supporting turns from Justin Long and Seth Rogen, this glossy comedy isn’t just your standard issue chick flick. Guys — you have nothing to fear from this movie. Check it out, why not?

El GringoThe British martial artist and star of last week’s Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning is back with another action flick this week! Scott Adkins plays a man who’s holed up in a Mexican town with a bag full of money and a lot of bad guys on his tail!  As in all good straight-to-video movies, Christian Slater turns up at some point to remind us that he’s keeping busy! Imagine a violent exploitation version of No Country for Old Men and you’ve got something a lot like El Gringo.

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