Feb 06

There will now be even more Star Wars films than you originally hoped/feared

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Here’s a wild speculative look into the future: it’s sometime around 2017, in the past 2 years alone you’ve seen something like 5 Star Wars movies hit the big screen. You casually remark to your friends: “this would’ve never happened if George Lucas was still around. At least he wasn’t a sell-out.”

And indeed, with Disney CEO Bob Iger’s announcement yesterday that the mouse-driven Lucasfilm company was in the process of developing subsidiary Star Wars films starring minor characters from the Star Wars Universe. Which characters, exactly? Iger remained coy, suggesting that he had no idea whatsoever but was keen to spit-ball the idea of A Very Jar Jar Christmas Adventure.

Remember when we all used to accuse Lucas of being a vain and greedy madman? Turns out, he was a lot more conservative with his property than he could have been. Maybe in a few years, we’ll look back to a simpler time and remember when we only had to deal with a Star Wars movie once every few years.

But anyway, which characters would you like to see get their own spin-off? Here are some of ours…

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