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First Pictures of Josh Brolin in Sin City 2

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After over half a decade of speculation and casting rumours, we started to believe that the sequel to Sin City was never going to happen. Directors Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller said they were working on a script as early as 2006 but in the intervening years, they’ve kept themselves busy on a number of other projects.

Rodriguez made another Spy Kids film, co-created Grindhouse and directed it’s spin-off movie Machete, starring Danny Trejo. Miller –a living legend in the comics industry– went on to direct The Spirit, an adaptation of a beloved Will Eisner comic that flopped at the box office. He also spent a good chunk of the late 2000s realising his vision of a graphic novel in which Batman takes down Al-Qaeda all by himself. When DC refused him the rights and Miller published his own thinly-veiled Dark Knight rip-off, it became apparent how appallingly right wing he had become.

However, in late 2011 Roriguez announced that the script was finally completed with the help of William Monaghan (The Departed), which somehow resulted in another 12 month period before production actually commenced. No doubt this time was used wisely to allow artisans to lovingly craft the ornate green screens used in the picture.

Anyway, via his twitter feed, Rodriguez unveiled the first images from the set of Sin City: A Dame to Kill For (as it’s officially titled). As you can see, it shows Josh Brolin holding a fake steering wheel, looking suitably Tommy-Lee Jones-ish. Seriously though: after Men in Black 3, it will be tough to see him in any other light — not saying that’s a bad thing, necessarily.

It’s been announced that Brolin will be playing Dwight, a character played in 2005′s Sin City by Clive Owen; in the mythology of the books, the character at some point had plastic surgery to elude his past. Brolin actually plays the pre-surgery younger version, if that makes any sense. Needless to say, he’s still a bad-ass who don’t take no s**t from neither gangsters nor deadly prostitutes.

Rodriguez also quickly doctored up a version of what the image might look like in the final film:.

Sin City: A Dame to Kill for is currently scheduled for an October 4th release, but be prepared for that date to be pushed back indefinitely.

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