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First official pictures of Nicole Kidman as a waxy robot replica of Grace Kelly

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The first official images have been released from Nicole Kidman’s upcoming film Grace of Monaco. Directed by Olivier Dahan (La Vie en Rose), the movie will see Kidman playing a wax mechanoid clone of Grace Kelly, if this newly release picture is anything to go by.

Having spent the past ten years appearing in both critically-acclaimed (but unseen) works like Margot at the Wedding and big budget flops like Australia, this could very well be the project to catapult Kidman back into the A-List. Presumably telling the story of an android from space that transforms itself into an expressionless approximation of the late Princess of Monaco, Dahan has definitely stated that this is not a biopic of Grace Kelly saying: “I am not a journalist or historian. I am an artist. I have not made a biopic. I hate biopics in general.”

He continues: “I have done, in any subjectivity, a human portrait of a modern woman who wants to reconcile her family, her husband, her career.” But being foreign and not having English as his first language, Dahan likely confused the word ‘woman’ with ‘robot’ in this otherwise empty quote.

Grace Kelly’s children Prince Albert II, Princess Caroline and Princess Stéphanie have criticised the film’s script publicly. A statement from the House of Grimaldi described a series of scenes as “purely fictional”, likely referring to a sequence in which the android princess ends the Cuban Missile Crisis with the help of her rocket-legs.

Grace of Monaco is due in Cinemas next year.

[source: The Guardian]

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