Feb 26

Coen Brothers sign up to write an Angelina Jolie joint

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The cinematic collaboration nobody has been clamouring for is finally coming together: Joel and Ethan Coen have signed on to re-write a script that’s to be directed by Angelina Jolie. The as yet untitled film will tell the story of war hero and Olympic athlete Lou Zamperini, who survived 47 without food and water after his plane crashed into the Pacific during WWII.

After Sunday’s Oscar wins for Life of Pi, lifeboat survival movies have become the hottest properties in Hollywood, probably.

This will be the second feature from the director Angelina Jolie, whose first film In the Land of Blood and Honey dealt with the themes of love and religion against the backdrop of the Bosnian War. Critics approached the final product with an apathy normally reserved for auteurs of the highest order, earning the film a 56% fresh rating on the Rotten Tomatoes aggregate site.

Undeterred by this reaction, she will return to her seat behind the camera armed with a screenplay by a pair of writers with 13 Oscar nominations and four Oscar wins between them. And who knows? Maybe armed with her unique perspective as the daughter of a film star, she’ll be able to shed some light on Zamperini’s suffering. After all, no-one knows what it’s like to go for a month without food more than the emaciated star of Wanted.

The Coens are known for directing their own scripts, as with their modern classics The Big Lebowski, Fargo and No Country for Old Men but they have occasionally been known to accept lucrative re-writing assignments — especially when they’re asked to by pretty girls with long eyelashes.

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