Feb 11

Super-Styles Me: New Trailer for Morgan Spurlock’s “1D in 3D” Documentary

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The movie gods have parted the clouds today, delivering unto film fans the first trailer for Morgan Spurlock’s latest documentary. The irreverent director, best known for his fast food documentary Super Size Me, is seemingly taking a detour into musical films with this intimate portrait of a small combo that goes by the name of One Direction.

Although the trailer suggests a pretty straight-forward concert film interspersed with footage of the unknown band on tour, one can safely assume that Spurlock will inject the movie with his trademark humour. Perhaps he will force the young singers to subsist entirely on Tayto crisps and Monster energy drinks for the duration of the tour. Or maybe he will send them on a fruitless search for the burial waters of Osama bin Laden.

Having scored over 2 million hits on YouTube in the first day, the trailer’s popularity is surely a sign of unquenchable public demand for irreverent non-fictional fare. As one commenter puts it: “do i have permission to die now…cos this movie will be the death of me.“  Obviously, years of plugging away on independent factual features like The Greatest Movie Ever Sold has led to Spurlock’s sudden elevation to pop culture icon, a phenomenon that tabloid rags have already dubbed ‘Morgan Fever’.

On a minor note, this could be the biggest thing to ever happen to this young vocal quintet. We predict that this exposure to millions of Spurlock’s teenage admirers will likely lead to a modest bump in record sales.

1D in 3D is slated for a cinematic release in August,which must seem like an eternity away for rabid Spurlock fans.

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