Jan 23

Ben Affleck is the latest man to run through wheat fields for Terrence Malick

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For a reclusive film maker with a reputation for working slowly, Terence Malick sure has been busy. His Tree of Life delighted and confounded audiences in 2011 earning an Oscar nom for best picture. He has four films in post-production, according to IMDb – that’s four entire movies allegedly in the can. If this is to be believed, those four films would constitute exactly half his entire body of work stretching back to 1973.

In the newest trailer for the cryptically named To the Wonder, Ben Affleck plays a man who rekindles his passion for a woman from his hometown (Rachel McAdams) while his wife (Olga Kurylenko) strikes up a connection to a Spanish priest (Javier Bardem). As with next to every other Malick joint, the story will probably take a back seat to gorgeous photography and voice-overs delivered in hushed tones. The trailer suggests that Malick hasn’t strayed too far from the reservation: there are plenty of shots of characters frolicking through field and beautiful landscapes filmed during ‘magic hour‘.

Malick’s pictures have a certain way of frustrating viewers who demand narrative cohesion from tfilms, but his ability to marry image with ambient sound and meaningless dialogue means that his films are always uniquely cinematic works. If you’re  going to see To the Wonder, we’d recommend you check it out at a theatre when it drops on February 22nd.

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