Jan 11

The Christopher Nolan hype machine delivers a 2nd Man of Steel trailer

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Just as we were about to catch our breath after a year long publicity campaign hyping up the last of Christopher Nolan‘s Batman films, THIS happens.

Although the director for this latest Superman reboot is actually Watchmen‘s Zak Snyder, the trailer for Man of Steel has a very different director’s fingerprints all over it. No, it’s not Nolan –although with a ‘story by’ and producer credit, we’re sure he has a lot of influence over the final product. But judging from the trailer above, this is Superman as directed by Terence Malick!

Don’t believe us? Just check out this trailer for Malick’s The New World. With it’s natural light cinematography, haunting score and shots of bodies underwater and pensive characters swaying in the wind, it would seem that Nolan and Snyder have some high artistic aspirations. While we might expect this approach to alienate most blockbuster audiences, it actually proves to be that much more intriguing.

Man of Steel is scheduled for a June cinematic release. Let the hype begin!



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