Jan 31

Watch: Disney’s Oscar-nominated short ‘Paperman’ now!

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Fresh off the presses — Walt Disney Animation Studios have released their short animation Paperman on YouTube today. The story of a young man desperately trying to connect with a woman he saw on a train platform, the 6 minute film is a wonderful slice of magic realism that blends computer generated images with traditional cel animation.

Created to appear before theatrical showings of Wreck-it Ralph, the inclusion of Paperman bears the distinct influence of Pixar’s John Lasseter, who also serves as Disney Animation’s Chief Creative Officer. Since 1997, animated shorts have always been a highlight of the Pixar experience, when A Bug’s Life came front-loaded with the delightful Geri’s Game (in which an old man is forced to defeat himself in chess).

It’s a tradition that harks back to the good ol’ days of double features that came packaged with cartoons and newsreels. And it’s a practice that’s now been adopted by Pixar’s parent company as well!

If you know what’s good for you, you’ll crank the video up to 1080p and go full screen before you hit ‘play’. Do it now, okay? Before your boss comes in…

Wreck-it Ralph will be in cinemas February 15th

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  1. Mark Stickley says:

    I love this film so much. Pixar has done many great shorts but this is up there among the best of them (although I think I still prefer ‘Presto’, but for entirely different reasons). John Lasseter’s influence is really being felt at Disney with some of the more recent films they have produced. He really is the Miyazaki of the West!

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