Jan 18

OAPs Say the Funniest Things in RED 2 Trailer

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Nobody expected 2009′s RED to have been such a big hit. After all, conventional Hollywood wisdom suggests that nothing drives audiences away from cinemas more than films about old people: they bum people out because they are a constant reminder or death. For example, did you know that Bruce Willis will actually die one day? That’s right: it is inevitable that John McClane will end up in a pine box being pushed into an incinerator — and there’s nothing you can do about it.

So why don’t we appreciate our aging film stars while we may by watching this trailer to RED 2, a sequel that sees Bruce Willis‘ retired CIA operative on the wrong side of an assassination order.

Joining him again is Mary Louise Parker as his live-in companion (Old people can’t have girlfriends! Yuck!), saucy assassin Helen Mirren and conspiracy nut John Malkovich, who brings the crazy in a way that only Malkovich can (Malkovich, Malkovich, Malkovich).

But you’re probably thinking “Hey! This is a sequel: there better be some new Welsh characters to fill the void left by Morgan Freeman‘s death in the last movie.” You will not be disappointed! Catherine Zeta-Jones and Sir Anthony Hopkins are jumping headfirst into the fray, with one or both of them probably playing villains! After seeing this trailer, we are cautiously optimistic about this OAP actioner.

RED 2 is due for a UK release on August 2nd

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